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About Institute of Hairdressers and Beauticians (IHB)

IHB India - ‘India’s Premier European-Standard Hair and Beauty School


The Institute of Hairdressers and Beauticians - India (IHB India) is an international Hair and Beauty school in India with institutes in several major Indian cities. Recognized as a specialist in European-standard Hair and Beauty courses, IHB India is an expert provider of Hair, Beauty and Makeup training, education plus qualifications.


The Indian branch of IHB Education (Global) — a leader in European-standard hair and beauty education across the South Asian region — IHB India was established in 2017 and has grown rapidly since. Our main institutes are located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi, offering students convenient access to global-standard Hair and Beauty courses right across India.


We offer Certificate and Diploma level courses in Hairdressing and Beauty that are accredited by the Organisation Mondiale Coiffure (The World Federation of Hairdressers), allowing you to receive an internationally-accredited and recognised qualification right here in India.


IHB India’s courses are differentiated by the high level of practical training we offer you, plus the European-standard hair and beauty techniques and theoretical knowledge you are taught. Our course syllabus is set by a team of expert European and South Asian trainers with decades of experience in the hair and beauty industry, who’ve gained world-renown as world-class hair stylists, beauticians, makeup artists and trainers. 


Our faculty-mentor team includes IHB Education founder Nayana Karunarate, a world-renowned and acclaimed hair stylist, trainer and entrepreneur from Sri Lanka; globally-celebrated hair and beauty trainer and innovator Joakim Roos from Sweden; and international makeup sensation, pacesetter and trainer Dominique Roberts from Hungary. 


The IHB India Hair and Beauty Institute is closely guided by these industry heavyweights, right from the style of training and teaching offered, the education culture students experience, to the curriculum taught. The courses have been carefully developed by these hair and beauty experts along with other European experts, and are updated regularly to reflect global hair and beauty trends and norms, guaranteeing a truly world-class education in hair and beauty right here in India.


Our Hairdressing and Beauty Certificate courses will provide you with a solid foundation to start your career as a hairdresser or beautician, helping you stand out as a beginner and progress to professional level soon and earn considerably more than your peers.


IHB India’s Hairdressing and Beauty Diploma courses will equip you with advanced hair and beauty skills and theoretical knowledge, plus essential areas such as ethics, communication, management, and marketing particular to the salon field, allowing you to enjoy a long-lasting, successful career as a top hairdresser or beautician in India and globally.

IHB Education (Global) - History and Current Standing

The Institute of Hairdressers and Beauticians, popularly referred to as IHB within the hair and beauty industry in South Asia and globally, was formed in the year 2011 by global hair and beauty icon and thought leader Nayana Karunaratne.


An internationally acclaimed hair stylist, trainer and entrepreneur, she first established IHB in her home country Sri Lanka, in an effort to uplift the standard of the hair and beauty industry locally, to produce world-class professionals with the capability to match the world’s best in skill and professionalism. 


Drawing on her pioneering spirit and long-standing associations across the region, IHB spread its wings to India in the year 2017 under her watchful guidance, along with leading figures in the Indian beauty and wellness industry. IHB Education also maintains a strong presence in both Pakistan and Bangladesh, with hair and beauty academies established together with local partners who are authorities in hair and beauty education in their respective countries. 


Today, IHB Education is recognized right across the South Asian region as a trusted authority in hair and beauty education plus training, strongly guided by their original vision to raise the standard of hair and beauty education plus the industry as a whole in our part of the world. The world-class hair and beauty professionals who’ve emerged from IHB are testament to this, standing strong as top hairdressers, beauticians and makeup artists both locally and internationally.

Our Expert Team

IHB Founder's Journey


Nayana Karunaratne

Founder and Chairwoman

IHB Founder and Chief Mentor Nayana Karunaratne is the epitome of a successful South Asian woman: courageous, highly-skilled, and resolute.


An entrepreneur of repute with a highly successful regional salon chain, she is an internationally-renowned hair stylist and a world-class hair and beauty trainer. Her unmatched industry standing has been cemented through over four decades of hard work and constant reinvention. 


Hailing from Sri Lanka, and considered a pioneer plus an opinion leader right across the South Asian hair and beauty industry, her journey started off as a prodigiously talented hair stylist. With a strong desire to improve her skill set, she ventured to far off cities such as London and Hong Kong and attended a host of prestigious schools including the Sassoon Academy and Toni&Guy Academy.


On returning home, she worked hard to build a name in the Sri Lankan hair and beauty industry. The first seeds of her vision had been planted by then; she was determined to make her mark both locally and globally and to make a difference to the people of her country and part of the world. 


She opened her first salon in 1980 under the name Salon Nayana. Today, it is a successful chain with over 10 branches located across Sri Lanka and India.


Her subsequent exposure to the Organisation Mondiale Coiffure (The World Federation of Hairdressers), plus the years of international academic plus work experience she had gathered, first prompted her to dream of uplifting the standards of the hair and beauty industry in Sri Lanka and the South Asian region. She firmly believed that our hair and beauty enthusiasts and professionals could, with the right education and guidance, match the skill-level and professionalism displayed by their counterparts in Europe. 


There was no lack of skill, enthusiasm or determination she noticed, among her country’s youngsters. Only a poor system of formal education and training in hair and beauty, since the industry was in its fledgling stage. There were no academic institutes or vocational centers teaching hair and beauty either. 


The plan to develop a fully-fledged hair and beauty school offering world-accredited courses was slowly initiated. It was honed over time, drawing on her network of top hair and beauty associates worldwide.

IHB took shape in this manner and was formally established in Sri Lanka in 2011. The theoretical aspect of the courses received early structuring from City & Guilds, a global leader in skills development and apprenticeships. The courses’ practical component was primarily influenced by a system of instruction and training developed by Nayana Karunaratne, with its basis in the international skills, techniques, and styles she received formal training in, plus the perspectives she had absorbed from industry pioneers of the ilk of the late Vidal Sassoon.


The curriculum for the Certificate and Diploma hair and beauty courses received constant updating based on the latest global hair and beauty trends, with considerable input from a team of international heavyweights in the industry. Nayana carried her dream forward gradually, branching out to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh from 2017 onwards, establishing fully-fledged hair and beauty schools in several major South Asian cities. 


Along with Nayana Karunaratne, the global industry personalities continue to operate as key figures of IHB Education Global plus IHB India. Together, the team steers the direction of the courses and training standard of IHB in the capacity of faculty-mentors.


The IHB faculty comprises leading international experts in hairdressing, beauty and makeup, who are primarily responsible for setting the curriculum of IHB courses; ensuring a superior standard of training; and offering guidance to students as hair and beauty career mentors.


They each bring to the table between 10-30 years of global experience as high-profile trainers, hair stylists, and makeup artists. Between them, they’ve trained some of the world’s leading commercial hairdressers and beauticians including numerous OMC Hair World Champions.


From developing course content and material to offering active mentor-capacity guidance to IHB students, they’re a key part of European-standard hair and beauty courses


Joakim Roos

A prodigiously talented hair and beauty professional and trainer from Sweden, with decades of international experience and countless global accolades to his name, Joakim Roos is a key member of our faculty-mentors team.  


His natural skill level was of such a standard that he began cutting hair professionally at the age of seven in Sweden. He progressed gradually into one of the country’s best and then shot to fame on the global stage, with his one-of-a-kind style and techniques. His reputation as a world-class hair and beauty trainer extends to several continents around the globe, having worked with top industry names such as Pivot Point and Organisation Mondiale Coiffure (The World Federation of Hairdressers).


Founder Board Members of the Swedish Hairdressers Association plus an OMC Global Trainer, Joakim’s inimitable style of training and practical-focused approach set him apart from other global trainers. He plays a key role in developing the unique European-standard hair and beauty courses IHB offers in India.

A World and European Champion in Makeup, Dominique Roberts is an in-demand global beauty professional and trainer originating from Hungary. With extensive tours around the world including to India and Sri Lanka, hosting his uniquely-designed ‘Hands On Workshop’ plus ‘Look and Learn’ series, Dominique’s interactive makeup masterclasses have become a favourite among both amateur and professional makeup artists worldwide.


Apart from operating a highly successful makeup school in Hungary, Dominique is also a highly recognized OMC Juror. His world-recognized makeup style and techniques have received great acclaim worldwide, making him a veritable superstar in the industry. 


Dominique actively influences the beauty components of IHB’s training in India, plus the styles and techniques adopted in our European-standard beautician courses.


Dominique Roberts

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