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Beauty Certificate Course 

India's No.1 Beauty Certificate Course with European beauty skills now offered in Bangalore and other major cities, for you to get a head start on the path to becoming a professional Beautician.


₹ 22,000 includes examination and textbook 

Course Life

20 days

(130+ hrs practicals)


3 days 

Course Vision

IHB's Beauty Certificate Course will guarantee that you become an expert in foundational and basic European beauty techniques,  helping you get a skill advantage over peers as soon as your start your career as a beautician. The Beauty Certificate ensures your foundation beauty skills are strong, which will give your clients confidence in your abilities and will also help you become a good professional beautician later. The course will guide you on beauty salon ethics and personality as well, helping you develop strong relationships with clients as soon as you start working, which is the key to a long and successful career. 

Job Opportunities

After finishing this course, you will be able to start a job as a Beauty Apprentice.

Your Salary will be approximately between ₹8000 - ₹10,000 per month, when you start. If you practice and develop your personality as well, you will be able to gain more and get salary increases faster.

Course Locations

You can conveniently start our beauty course in Bangalore at our hair and beauty education hub for India, or at one of our hair and beauty schools in Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad.

Course Subjects

Our Beauty Certificate Course syllabus covers all the topics you need to have a great start to your career as a beautician. We have listed all of the topics covered in the Beauty Certificate below, giving you a complete look at all the skills and techniques you will learn in the course. 



Waxing and Threading

These are fundamental skills that every beautician needs. Being highly skilled in waxing and threading will bring your customers back over and over again, as it is an in-demand service. Following IHB's world-class techniques, you will gain the skills to perform waxing and threading to make sure your clients' look and feel their best, while causing the least amount of pain to them. 

Skin Cleansing and Moisturizing 

It is essential for a beautician to develop the knowledge and skills required to maintain healthy skin. You will be able to understand your clients' skin types, utilize your knowledge, and provide services to ensure the skin on both their face and body looks and feels great. 



Growing in popularity in India and globally, manicures are now an essential need of most customers. Customers come in for manicures regularly to maintain neat, healthy-looking and beautifully manicured nails. Being skilled in manicures will mean that customers will keep coming back to you.



Foot cleanliness, hygiene, and health, similar to manicures, are a necessity nowadays that customers return regularly for. Developing strong fundamental skills in pedicures will have your customers coming back to you for life.


Nutrition and Health

They keep saying you are what you eat. Your customers' skin is reflective of their lifestyle, what they eat, and how they look after themselves. As a beautician, you will be their trusted source for the truth about their skin. So being knowledgeable about the subject is extremely important in your career.


Salon Hygiene, Ethics, and Behaviour

Hygiene has shot up in importance for beauticians, even more than before, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will ensure that you have all the skills and knowledge to operate in a safe and hygienic environment. As a beautician, you are the product. You are your most important salesman. And our classes on salon ethics and behaviour will help you develop your personality and stand out. 

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