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Beauty Certificate Course 

Starting Price only ₹ 10,000

Join our beginner-friendly certificate course today!"


₹ 10,000 includes examination and textbook 

Course Life

10 days


3 days 

Guarantee Your Future with Foundational Beauty Techniques

Our affordable beginner course will teach you basic European beauty techniques to give you an advantage over your peers. With a strong foundation in beauty skills, you'll build confidence with your clients and become a successful beautician.

Job Opportunities for Beginners

Our course includes a job guarantee as a Beauty Apprentice. You can expect a starting salary of approximately ₹8,000 - ₹10,000 per month, and with practice, you'll have opportunities for faster salary increases.

Convenient Locations

Our courses are available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad, making it convenient for you to begin your journey towards becoming a beauty expert.

Course Subjects

Our Beauty Certificate Course syllabus covers all the topics you need to have a great start to your career as a beautician. We have listed all of the topics covered in the Beauty Certificate below, giving you a complete look at all the skills and techniques you will learn in the course. 

  1. Waxing and Threading

  2. Skin Cleansing and Moisturizing 

  3. Manicure 

  4. Pedicure 

  5. Nutrition and Health

  6. Salon Hygiene, Ethics, and Behaviour

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