Unbelievable Opportunity To Plan a Successful Career in Hairdressing & Beauty With Individual Expert Guidance Session

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What separates world-class hairdressing and beauty professionals from their peers in the industry is not only receiving a high standard of theoretical education and practical skills training, but equally the decisions they take in building a career from the time they enter the professional industry. This is one reason why IHB India graduates, as well as students who've successfully passed through our centers in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, go on to become some of South Asia's top professional hairdressers and beauticians. The extremely high standard of training and the modern learning environment are complemented by IHB Education's one-on-one career guidance sessions when students first come to us. This is one of our trademarks!

Now you too can enjoy the IHB Education difference and experience first-hand the many benefits of an INDIVIDUAL CAREER GUIDANCE SESSION WITH ONE OF OUR COURSE AND GLOBAL HAIR & BEAUTY INDUSTRY EXPERTS. This is a rare opportunity! And we're limiting its availability to 10 deserving students, so we can ensure only those who are genuinely keen to enter the industry and with great promise are selected. Trust us, the hairdressing and beauty tips, career suggestions, and life guidance you will receive during this session, will ensure you are set for life! This will be the start to you following a well-planned career path towards guaranteed industry success.​

But please understand that we are selective with this opportunity, as we are with enrolling students into IHB's European-standard hairdressing and beauty courses, as our focus is on affording an exemplary education to nurture professionals of a different caliber who will shape the industry and not just tag along. 

This is the perfect opportunity to air your concerns involving the hairdressing and beauty industry, to present questions on courses, career options, and the global industry, while developing a personalized career path just for you, together with one of our best Career Counselors who is a course expert and a thought leader in the industry. And whether you decide to enroll in one of IHB India's courses or not, the session will be of immense help in your career going forward!