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  • What are the future opportunities I’ll have if I select hairdressing as my profession?
    There are various career options you can choose from once you enter the hairdressing or beauty industry. You can begin by working as a salon apprentice, and after gaining experience you can work as a professional hairdresser or even as a freelancer. Or you can open a salon of your own if you like or a beauty academy, if you are considering an entrepreneurial path in the future. There are different categories of hairdressers, depending on your experience, for e.g. apprentice, junior, senior, etc. These designations give you an opportunity to move ahead in your career. As you gain experience in the profession, the better your career opportunities will be
  • Can I balance my higher studies with a course if I do it as a side course?
    When you sign up for this course, you will have to commit to the course and dedicate your time to it as this is a professional course. But we must mention, there are students who along with their studies, take up the Diploma course, and are perfectly able to manage both. But this depends a lot on the individual and the professional, family, academic, etc. commitments you have in life. If you don't have much time and your priority is different, then there are other short hairdressing and beauty courses available at other institutes that you can consider.
  • Is a full-time course better than a short certificate course?
    As a professional, a full-time course is definitely much better and helpful long-term than a short certificate course. This is because it gives you an in-depth knowledge of the subject and makes you market ready. The full-time course, because of the longer duration, gives you more time to practice and a chance to be part of practical learning plus training while also gaining theoretical knowledge about the craft. If you are looking for a serious career in the hair and beauty industry, and want to dive deep into learning it, then a full-time course is the best option. A certificate course is preferable when one is not sure about taking up this profession long term, and wants to first understand and see if this is a suitable option for them or not. Also, if somebody wants to join as an apprentice, then you can consider a certificate course.
  • How can I gain more information about future career opportunities in this field?
    As this is a very dynamic industry that is growing continuously, one must always be on the lookout for industry updates plus fresh news involving different career opportunities that emerge in the field. You can keep yourself updated through social media, by keeping track of the changes and latest trends in the hair and beauty industry. By following pages of famous hairstylists, beauticians, hair and beauty academies, salons, etc., one gets insight into the specifics of this profession as well as the latest trends. Building a strong network with like-minded people and actively interacting with them, will help you develop a better understanding of the hair and beauty field and what opportunities await you in the future.
  • Is shifting abroad a good idea in terms of a career move, as it can be very expensive? Is it worth it? What does one require to migrate?"
    Shifting abroad as a professional isn't an easy task and is considered under the skilled migration category. Your decision depends on various factors like your budget, experience, learning and adaptability skills. But apart from all the basic considerations, you will require a Diploma and several years of experience, and strong English language skills as well, in order to migrate successfully. few years of experience and if you are well versed in English. Also, passing the IELTS exam is a must, as it allows the authorities to determine your capabilities in English. Only once you fulfill theses conditions can you think of moving abroad. Definitely, shifting abroad opens opportunities to grow, learn and earn as a hairdresser or beautician. Moving abroad gives one a bigger platform to learn from and an opportunity to develop and polish skills parallelly. It gives you exposure to learn from the industry bests, while upgrading your skills and knowledge from top professionals of the country you move to. This will help immensely in growing your career. The theoretical learnings plus practical knowledge gained through the experience of migration is fully worth it, if you consider your career in the long-term.
  • Can I start earning money soon after the course is done?
    Yes, you can definitely start earning once you have completed the course fully. The only variable factor for students entering the industry fresh, will be the payscale and the career trajectory. Both the factors depend on the student’s capacity, the willingness to learn and complete advanced hair and beauty courses, the network built, and other factors.
  • What if midway I feel this course isn't right for me?
    This is a very normal feeling and there is nothing wrong with feeling this half-way. If such a doubt arises, you can connect once again with our career guidance counselor, share and discuss your thoughts and the counselor will guide you on the correct path. Whether it involves continuing with the course, stopping it, or moving to an entirely different field, the career guidance counselor is equipped to offer customized solutions based on where you are in life and where you would like to go.
  • Will you help me get a job after the course?
    Yes, we help all our students get job placements at the top salons and to start their careers in the hair and beauty industry. We recommend students who have finished our courses to our known salons and industry partners including hair companies, etc., while providing references and guiding them on how to approach the industry. We put in our best efforts to guide our students towards a strong start to their working careers and offer them our assistance throughout.
  • Would I get a chance to attend hair and beauty shows, events, etc., and receive exposure?"
    We occasionally tie up with brands and hair and beauty shows plus events, and provide our students a chance to attend the same. This gives them a close look at what the industry is like, the glamour aspect, and everything there is to know. Also, we invite industry experts, hair and beauty professionals, etc., who share their experiences and expertise with our students, providing them valuable insight into the industry and first-hand knowledge.
  • Will I get my money back if I'm not satisfied with the course?
    Yes, we will prorate the refund depending on how many classes you have attended and will offer a refund within a limited time frame. Our focus is on ensuring you get your money’s worth when doing a course with us, and if you aren’t satisfied, we will offer a partial refund within reasonable time limits. Also, in order to avoid such a situation and so you have full clarity before you decide to start one of our courses, we offer 1 free trial class so you can attend an actual class and experience the learning environment plus the subject matter taught. This will allow you to make a more informed decision about joining the course, before you make a payment.
  • Is the timing of the course flexible, can I choose my slots?"
    The slots are fixed keeping in mind the convenience of all the students in the batch. As a single batch will consist only of a few students to ensure better personal attention and improved understanding of students, the timing is set as per the students’ convenience. But we do offer repeat classes and sometimes depending on a particular student’s request and situation, while considering the consent of all the students, we do shift times on occasion.
  • There is already so much competition in the market within the hair and beauty industry. Am I late and will I get enough opportunities?
    As this is a growing industry and holds immense opportunities currently and in the future, there sure is competition. But with that, it also brings enough new opportunities for those who join the industry fresh. With confidence we say, it is not at all late for you to take your first step and begin in this industry.
  • So many online tutorials and classes are available for free. So how will this course give me an extra edge?
    There are enough online tutorials in the market and enough online academy learning in the market as well. But the kind of theoretical skills, industry learning, and practical training one requires to develop into a true professional, you can only get through offline- academy learning. This is because this gives students adequate opportunities to have a two-way conversation with the teacher and also promotes training on practical-based skills and techniques, which is extremely difficult to impart through online teaching.
  • My parents feel that this is not a suitable option as a profession and there is no future opportunity in this field. How can I convince them?
    This is a concern that we frequently experience in our academy, and what we do is we provide a counselling session to the parents. We make them understand the future career possibilities in the hair and beauty industry, showing them examples of other students, and explaining to them how the industry works. By clarifying all their questions and doubts, we are able to offer them confidence in the actual potential in the industry and how it will definitely have many rewarding career opportunities for their children after finishing a course.
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