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Hair Certificate Course

Start Your Hairdressing Career Today Affordable hair courses!

  • Made for beginners

  • Only ₹10,000 for 10 Days.

  • Guaranteed Job Placement

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Get Started on Your Dream Career as a Hair Stylist

  • Beginner-Friendly Hair Certificate Course!

  • Learn European Techniques and Get Certified

  •  Affordable Cost.

  • Available in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi 

  • Job Opportunities Guaranteed!

Course Purpose

If you're just starting out in hairdressing, IHB's Hair Certificate Course is for you!

You'll learn basic European hair skills that are easy to learn, making it beginner-friendly.

Gain practical and theoretical knowledge for a confident start in hairdressing.

Available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad.

Job Opportunities

You can work as a Hair Salon Apprentice. and earn above ₹10,000/month starting

Course Subjects

Our Hair Certificate Course teaches you essential hairdressing skills to get ahead in your career. 

  • Shampoo, Conditioning, and Head Massage:

  • Blowdry

  • Haircuts

  • Hairstyles

Course Locations

Join us at one of our hair and beauty schools located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, or Ahmedabad.


Our hair certificate course is available for those who are new to the field and looking for a basic, easy-to-learn course to get started.

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