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Do you want to obtain an International Hairdressing and Beauty diploma in Mumbai or Bangalore

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The Institute of Hairdressers and Beauticians (IHB) offers internationally certified diploma courses in hairdressing and beauty.


The courses are designed according to European standards and are taught in English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Gujarati by a faculty team that includes top industry names.


IHB offers interest-free student loans and has a unit structure and practical training that can help students succeed in their careers. Students can learn more about the prices, syllabus, and career options by visiting IHB's website.

EMI Payments Available for Students 

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What are my career and job options?​

Upon completing a diploma at the Institute of Hairdressers and Beauticians (IHB), students can take advantage of the institute's 100% job guarantee to secure a job in India's hair and beauty industry or abroad.

Possible career paths include

  • working at a salon,

  • freelancing as a hairdresser or beautician,

  • competing in international competitions,

  • or becoming a trainer at an institute like IHB.

The strong foundation provided by IHB can open up many opportunities for students in the hair and beauty field

Please read our blog to learn more about career options as a hairdresser or beautician.


Why is selecting IHB the best choice for my future?

Our Diplomas are all designed and taught according to European standards so that the training you receive and the skills you learn will be among the best in India.

  • You will be able to get a better starting salary and make more money

  • Migrate overseas faster and easier with a recognised certificate with relevant experience and training 

  • Grow your career in the industry much quicker than the others

Also, our teachers and trainers receive IHB's European-standard teacher training programs from our expert faculty and mentor team so that they can teach you at the highest standard possible, ensuring you'll have a huge career advantage.

Does IHB Offer Any Student Loans to learn Hairdressing and Beauty?

IHB, in partnership with Varthana Loans, are offering students interest-free loans for up to 1 year. These loans are available for any student, even those with poorer backgrounds. Please call us for more information or read our blog for more information.

What do students have to say about IHB?

How will the 300+ practical hours in the full Diploma help me? 


All IHB courses focus on practical training and skills. More practice hours will ensure that you learn faster and have practical hands-on skills to feel extremely comfortable working in an actual salon or work setting right after finishing the Diploma.


The extra practice hours will give you an advantage over those completing local hair and beauty courses, where the focus is on theory and

students don’t get many practical hours.


How will IHB’s unit structure make it easier for me?


IHB’s Hair and Beauty Diplomas are taught in units or sections, which you can pay for separately and complete one at a time. Separating units allow you to easily manage your money and time while finishing the Diploma units at a comfortable pace. 


The individual units or sections will also allow you to follow the ones you are most interested in and believe will help your career. Please see the course details  below for more information

Our mentors will offer you advice on this.

How much guidance will I receive from IHB?

When you decide to start IHB’s Diploma hair and beauty courses, you will receive guidance from our staff and faculty team on the best method or units to follow, payment plans available, and other vital areas.


As you follow an IHB Diploma, you can also benefit from our continuous Guided Career Improvement program. Our international mentors and faculty closely guide you on the best way to improve your career and job opportunities. They will offer personalized guidance to you depending on your talents, interests, and future goals and ensure the Diploma units take you in the best direction.

What are my career options
Why selecting IHB is theb st choice
300+ hours
section based structure
Career Guidance
Students have to say

Easy for you to learn 

Our courses are made in a way that is easy for you to learn so that you understand everything required to be one of the best in the field. 


Our teachers 


  • Our teachers teach English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, and Kannada.

  • Highly trained in their field by the international training team to ensure they can teach you at the highest standards. 

  • Have over ten years of experience in the industry to ensure they have the practical experience to guide you through the whole thing

Speak to us to get your free Career Counselling by our Qualifed Teachers 

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Beauty Diploma Course

IHB Hair and Beauty Courses

Hair Diploma Course 

Duration - 4 months

Hair Diploma includes all the units below plus much more 

To obtain the Diploma Certificate that is accepted internationally and accepted for Migration students must complete all the units 

Hair & Scalp Treatments (Unit 1) 

Duration 4 days 

More details

Long Hair Design (Bridal and Fashion Hairstyles) - Unit 2

Duration 10 Days

More details

Hair Colour - Unit 3

Duration 15 days

More details

Perming & Straightening - Unit 4

Duration 15 days

More details 

Hair Cutting - Unit  5

Duration 20 days

More details

Beauty Diploma Course 

Duration - 4 months

Beauty Diploma includes all the units below plus much more 

To obtain the Diploma Certificate that is accepted internationally and accepted for Migration students must complete all the Units

Makeup (Unit 1)

Duration 20 Days

More details

Skin and Facials (Unit 2)

Duration 20 Days

More details

Nails (Unit 3)

Duration 20 Days

More details

Do you have PG in Mumbai and Bangalore?

We are working with multiple PG partners, and we can find the most suitable PG for you in Bangalore or Mumbai. The PG includes Only Ladies PG's and  Only Gents PG's.

Do I need to know English to be a hairdresser or beautician?

In short, No. But if you want to have good career growth in the industry, then learning to speak, listen, and understand English will help you a lot in your career.


We are also offering FREE SPOKEN ENGLISH CLASSES to our students.

Take the next step to begin your career

Hairdressing is a beautiful stable career, with getting a job becoming very easy. 

When you are a skilled hairdresser, you will be able to earn more than INR 25,000 a month very quickly. 


Hairdressing is one of the oldest jobs in the world, currently at the moment there is a huge shortage of hairdressers, and salaries for hairdressers are going up every year in India and around the world.

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