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5 Ways to Attract the best talent to your salon

with these tips, make your salon the best workspace

Your team - the staff, beautician, and hairstylist- is your superpower. As crucial as they are for your salon, managing & taking care of them is not as easy as it looks.

As a salon owner, to grow, maintain & be the best in the business - begins from the internal source - your people at work.

Let's understand it this way.

Why should a stylist choose your salon as a workspace?

Learning & Training

Everyone wants to grow & evolve at their workplace. The quality of growth is determined by what one knew before one entered the workspace & what one knows after a few weeks & months of working at the salon. How much have they added to their skills & learning as time passes?

As a salon owner, it is essential to build regular training programs & sessions for learning & skill updating. Provide free workshops, assistance to get a formal degree, etc.

Beauty is a dynamic business. There is always a new trend coming up, new products & latest tools to work with. For the team, it's essential to learn & be updated with all this regularly.

How will this help your salon?

When your team is well versed with the latest trends, they can perform them on the clients & fulfill the client's wishes when they get the latest Instagram picture of an actress as a reference.

It's a win for the salon when your salon artist is able to recreate the latest magic. You get a happy client in return.

Career Path

The most important & probably the first yardstick a person uses to check if they are growing is if they have moved up the hierarchy level. This means everyone starts from the beginner level, but as time passes, everyone wants to be promoted to senior rank, manager, head, etc.

As a salon owner, you must promote the right people to a higher level. This not only serves as a motivation for them but gives them a sense of responsibility. Once a person sees options available at the workspace to move ahead to get higher roles, it brings them to level up their game & work harder.

How will this help your salon?

If the employee finds growth opportunities at your workspace, this will encourage them to continue working rather than leaving & joining another place where they get better roles. This saves you from the whole frequent hiring process. Therefore, there is less time & money spent on hiring


Every artist wants the freedom of expression of their artistic creativity. As a salon owner, you must give your team the freedom to apply their skill and experiment with new trends & ideas for clients. Freedom to make few decisions while at work.

Here we aren't suggesting letting people do whatever they want. But if they have to modify as per the client's needs or situation, they must be free to do so.

How will this help your salon?

When your employees are free to make decisions at work, it saves your time, too, as they don't have to always come to you to seek permission. Also, this results in no loss of opportunities as, without wasting time, the employee can make instant spot decisions. Infact, you can utilize all your saved time in other tasks & work at the salon.

Two-way communication

At the workplace, the best feeling & motivation is the feeling of being heard & valued. As an owner, be open to suggestions, include your team for idea generation, ask for their opinions, and give them the feeling of belonging in the work. Once they are heard, it makes them feel it as their own & so they are motivated to provide their 100 percent at work.

How will this help your salon?

Open communication makes it easy to flow instructions, feedback & grievances. It clears the air of unwanted confusion & makes sure there is a smooth flow of work.

It will help you bond with your employees & give you ideas to work around. The staff is the direct contact with the customer. Therefore, their input becomes of value as they share the opinions & preferences of the clients they serve & talk to. It will help you build better rules & service for your salon that will be client-centric, thus making your clients happy & looking forward to revisiting your salon.

In today's time, managing & retaining the team is as important as building your workspace. Infact it goes hand in hand.

Do follow these above-mentioned tricks to find a difference at your workplace.


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