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Become a freelance makeup artist in India

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Now is the right time to be a freelancer.

What is a freelancer?

Freelancing means being your boss & working on your own.

This means you get to decide where you work, how many hours & with what clients. It means not working under someone else or in another salon. It is convenient for everyone who always felt an obstacle stopping them from advancing in their career.

A freelance makeup artist works on their own & not for someone else or in any other salon. They are self-employed & independent.

Why should you become a freelancer makeup artist in India?

Being a freelance makeup artist in India is a rising trend. We have not 3 or 5 or 7 reasons for it but ten reasons why you should make the shift & become a freelancer.

You make up your schedule.

A freelancer gets to take appointments according to their timeline. You can build your daily schedule as per your wish. Which days to work, hours to work is all your call. You are not bound by anyone else to work for a specified time, date, or day.

While working at a salon, you must commit to a dedicated hour of work six days a week. You are bound to be at the salon during your specified working hours.

For makeup artists, though there is work all around the year, a few months specifically are the busiest & demanding times - like the festive season, wedding time, etc. In India, the wedding season demands a lot of makeup artists, not only for the bride but also for family members & guests. And people are ready to pay the money worth the service.

Therefore, as a freelancer, you can choose your projects accordingly.

Helps you showcase your talent.

As a freelancer, when you do your job, people see your work & word of mouth is about your work. Therefore, it's your name that's been circulated, & you are being talked about, not the salon or salon owners. Thus, this creates your brand name.

In case when you work for someone else, your work would have been marketed in the name of the salon instead of the clients telling your name. The credit for your work goes to the salon. The salon brands get built.

As a makeup artist in India, here you build your brand, and you get a chance to make your portfolio & increase your customer base.

But watch out, good or bad, you’ll get the credit for both.

Freedom to decide your client base.

As a freelancer, you choose your customers & clients. You can choose who you want to provide your service to & who you don't want to.

Whereas, while you work at a salon, you don't have the freedom to choose who you would attend to & whom you don't want to provide service. Irrespective of your like, dislike or want, any customer that drops by, if the salon manager asks you to attend to them, you will have to.

As a makeup freelancer in India, you can decide if your customer base would be the brides, models, or everyone. It's your decision to say yes to a client or no.

Have your independence of choice.

As a freelancer, you can make your own decisions, from work time to choice of customers to the brand of products used. You can decide all of it.

Similarly, if you worked at a salon, you cannot make your own decisions. You have to follow their work time, can't take holidays without their permission, follow their rules, use the products given to you by them, etc.

Working as a makeup freelancer in India allows you to decide on the minutest detail, like the makeup brushes you want to use. It gives you the freedom to make decisions on your own.

You get to pick your specialization.

As a freelancer, if you know your plus point & strengths and want to progress in that direction, you can. You can specialize & cater to a niche market as per your choice.

At a salon, you have to perform all the activities & can't restrict yourself from opting for things you like & leaving the stuff you dislike.

As a freelancer makeup artist in India, you can choose your niche at work. From bridal, prosthetic, and camera makeup, the options are many. If you feel bridal is your strength, you can cater to that segment only as the bridal market has vast potential. Similarly, if you think editorial makeup is your strength, you can choose that.

Work solo single-handedly.

Suppose your work style is working alone, with no interference, less reporting to another person. Then this is your dream work. Do all the activities you like from start to end.

You don't get this liberty while you work under someone at a salon. You have to report to your boss, follow their rules, work in a team, etc.

As a freelancer makeup artist in India, you are your boss, you have the freedom to work alone, or you can choose your team, set your own rules & are not liable to answer to anyone else.

No fear of losing your job.

As a freelancer, you are your boss. There is no fear that you may be removed from work, have to go job hunting, etc. You don't have to worry about asking for a pay raise, etc.

While at a salon, you need someone to hire you. You get work if someone hires you at their salon. You are working for someone else, and the safety of your job is never a guarantee. There is always a fear of losing your job,

As a freelancer makeup artist in India, once you set up your work, your work speaks for itself & leads you towards getting more customers. It's growth without the fear of not having a job in hand.

Helps you build your brand.

As a freelancer, you are working to build something of your own. You are creating your own identity. Your clients help you build a portfolio of your work. So this enables you to create your name in the community. People can directly connect with you for their services.

Whereas, when you work at the salon, you are not building anything of your own. It's all about the salon. You perform your work, and the salon grows.

As a freelancer makeup artist in India, your work becomes your brand. That brand becomes worth much more than just your job. A strong brand in the market then automatically attracts more clients, better pay, faster growth, etc.

Requires no initial investment.

To become a freelancer, you can start your work from your place with the product & tools you have. This reduces your risk of investment. There is no fear of paying rent, paying the staff, or setting up a vast setup.

Similarly, if you wanted to open a good salon, it would require considerable investment on your part - energy, money, time, and resources.

As a freelancer makeup artist in India, you can try out things and play around with your ideas without investing a considerable amount in one go. With the growth in social media influence and word of mouth, you can start without much investment.

Provides increased earning opportunities.

When you work for yourself & not under anyone else, you get to keep the whole money. There is no cut that you have to pay to others. This means increased income. As a freelancer, there is no fixed source of income, you get paid according to the service you provide, and the whole money is yours.

While you work at a salon, you get a fixed amount in the name of salary in return for your service.

As a freelancer makeup artist in India, you can increase your rate as your work excels. You don't have to wait years for a salary increase. You can quote the price as you like as per your work. Increasing your revenue is in your hand. You can improve the services, add more services to your list, etc., giving you different means to increase your earning opportunities.


How much does a freelancer earn?

There is no specific amount associated with the job of a freelancer in the Beauty Industry. It differs on many points.

Here as a freelance makeup artist, one can earn up to 5k at the beginner level; once your work is recognized & there is a demand, your earnings can shoot up to 50k. An established makeup freelancer working on big projects like Bollywood and weddings can earn between 70K - 100K.

But remember, it all depends on many other factors, like your work, your niche, the network you have built, etc.

But surely, the proper steps can help you earn a good amount of money, more than what you could have in your job.

What helps a freelancer grow?

It's all about building your name; if you've built it, your work speaks for itself, and you can quickly increase your demand & price.

As a makeup artist, there are a lot of clients in wedding or Bollywood who needs the best in the market and are ready to pay the price for it too.

Are there opportunities to grow?

You have ample time to focus on working & improving yourself. You are free to make changes in your work and add on the latest things without consulting or taking permission from others. All of this gives you the freedom to grow, improvise & build on your skill sets.

How does social media help freelancers?

Today, finding the best service provider is through Instagram & Facebook. As makeup artists, one can showcase their work for free there. Therefore, it gives the customers references to look at the artist's work & then decide.

As a freelancer, without paying & spending much money on advertisers, one can get a lot of exposure. It attracts customers, your work is seen and it's been promoted too by shares.

It also helps you connect & network online with product companies, prospect leads, etc.

Altogether, social media is a free platform with immense benefits for makeup artists in India.

In today's time, being a freelancer has opened varied doors for different purposes. Solving all the issues, from time, location, money, etc.

Have you thought of becoming a freelancer?


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