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Earning growth opportunities in the hairdressing career in India

ways to increase your salary as a hairdresser

Hairstyling is quite a glamorous career option. Be it any occasion or event, the hair never goes unnoticed. Therefore, when it comes to hairstylists & hairdressers, we know how important they are to give us our best-looking hairstyle, color, and cut. As we see the trend & the importance of hairstylists, it's safe to say that the demand, work & earnings of hairstylists will always be on the rising side.

But the increase in pay, opportunities, demand, etc., are related to many different factors & ways.

As a hairstylist if you wish to understand the growth opportunities & factors leading to an increase in income for a hairstylist, read on.

Why is the demand for hairdressers going to increase?

The main reason a hairstylist career will always show an upward graph for opportunities, growth & income is for the following reasons.

Weddings - India is supposed to be a wedding hub. For the past few years, we have seen a massive demand for stylists for not only the bride & groom in the wedding but also for their family members. (All thanks to the consciousness of making the hair look perfect) Until India is a hub for weddings, there is a guarantee that hairdressers & hairstylists will always be in demand.

Party & functions - Initially, getting ready was only for weddings. But nowadays, with more disposable income at hand, there are even more frequent celebrations & parties. From birthday parties to anniversaries to baby showers, all these occasions are celebrated at a high level where people demand professionals to get ready. Professional hairstylist for the hairdo, makeup artist for makeup, etc.

Important meetings & conferences - With more women joining the workforce & taking charge of higher positions at work. Every woman wants to look & feel the best. The important meetings, conferences, etc., have opened another gateway for the hairdressing business. This means more clients & more reasons to earn money.

Monthly rituals - Gone are the days when people needed a reason to visit the salon. Now, it's all a ritual & just the pure joy & wish to be at the salon. The concept of self-care has been taken very seriously & people do not want to miss out on their weekly/monthly visits to the salon. We can now see frequent visits & more business from individual customers.

In India, for a freshly graduated student, the starting salary ranges around INR 10000 - 15000.

Let me remind you this is just the beginning. But the growth from here is immense.

But the growth lies behind many factors. It's all on you to get your growth rate faster.

Four factors AFFECTING your career development as a Hairdresser.

1. Hard work

There is nothing that works like magic than working hard. There is no substitute for hard work. And hard work never goes unnoticed. Infact, while the salon owner thinks of promotion, pay increase, etc., this is the factor they look for which of his employee is hardworking & gives their best at work.

2. Continuous learning

Hairstyling is a dynamic business. Even after a formal degree, be it a diploma or certificate, your education doesn't end there. It's your responsibility to be a self-learner & keep yourself updated with the latest trends & happenings in the hair business. Hairstylists are students for life.

3. Creativity

All customers are unique & have different sets of demands. Even for a basic hairstyle, two clients would demand two different variations. This means the hairstylist must wear their creativity cap & be on their toes. To use their imagination & creativity and to mold the hairstyle as per the wish & needs of the client.

4. Soft skills

This is the future. Learning to communicate, talk well with the clients, understand their needs & make them effectively understand the best for them. All this is the bare minimum required to carry out your job efficiently. This also helps build connections with the clients & them wanting o come back to you for their next service.

All these factors can shoot your salary up to 100 percent. As a hairstylist, if you show these traits at work & the clients love your work, the salon owner will want to retain you. This means if you began with an INR of 15,000. He could offer you INR 30,000 too.

One of the important measurements of growth is a salary increase as a Hairstylist.

And Your salary increase is in direct relationship to these factors. Show growth in these factors, & automatically you shall see your salary increase too.

Four traits of a Hairdresser directly related to Salary Increase

1. Experience

As you start with your services, your customers will keep increasing. The number of haircuts, colors, and styles will increase as you continue your journey as a hairstylist. The experience you gain with each service will help you increase your salary as time pass by.

2. Knowledge

As you work, you'll gain an understanding of the market, the people, their needs & what the market needs. This will help build your knowledge of the market & customers, which will help you be more successful & client oriented.

3. Connection

As you work, you build many relationships - with your clients, co-workers, boss, etc. these connections are a strong point in your career. Whenever, in the future, you wish to start your own salon or need a job shift, these people you can turn to for help.

4. Position

As you move up the job hierarchy level, your salary will also increase. Moving up the ladder is all dependent on your work & capabilities. But remember, with higher job titles comes higher paychecks & higher responsibilities too.

As one moves ahead with experience and skill adaption, one's income opportunities also increase.

Growth opportunities that you can witness in your hairstylist career

Everyone starts from the beginning; there's no doubt about that.

As a fresher, chances are you begin as an assistant or a Jr hairstylist.

The next step is usually the Sr hairstylist - with time, experience & the kind of work you perform, Jr hairstylists are promoted to Sr hairstylists.

The next level in most salons one can find is the director level. Though reaching this level takes time, it's worth it. Usually, any salon has one style director.

There are other various major roles a hairstylist can witness in their career. Ranging from salon managers to salon owners to opening your academy one day. The sky is the limit.

A hairstylist has many growth opportunities throughout their career with no age bar or location bar,

To share with you, here are live examples of two hairdressers.

Mr. X started his hairdressing career with formal training at IHB Academy, Bangalore. His first salary was INR 15000 in just about a year because of his hard work, consistency & rapport-building with his clients. He was retained by his salon owner and given a hike of 75%. His year two salary stood at INR 26,250.

Another hairstylist, Mr. Y, started his hairdressing career in a famous salon. His first-year salary was INR 15000. After a year, his salary increased by 50%, and his year two salary stood at INR 22500. But along with this, the other benefit he received was an all-paid training course to upgrade his skillset.

To sum up, every hairdresser has a different story to tell. No hairstylist growth graph looks the same. This means the growth is majorly dependent on personal factors.

Be a Hairdresser, and start your career now with us at IHB Academy.


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