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How to join a hair course?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

To join a hair course or to apply for a hair course is easy.

Many of the hair schools have a simple way for you to get admission for a hair course, if you meet the lowest level of school education (eligibility criteria).

To join the hair course, the hair school will usually take an initial payment or a full payment. Some hair courses will give you a payment plan to slowly pay the course fees. This is called a finance option.

Check our blog about hair course payment plans to learn more about this.

Different Ways to Join Hair Courses

At IHB, we give you many different ways to join our courses.

  • Join our courses by calling us directly on +91 70263 77723

  • Join our courses by sending us an email to

  • Join our courses by sending us a WhatsApp message on +91 70263 77723

  • Join our courses by contacting us through our website click here

  • Join our courses by visiting our office

Click here and send your details and we will contact you directly.

Or call us on +91 70263 77723

*Then you can get more details about how to join IHB courses easily.

There are so many other things you should think about before you join a hair course. There are things like the different jobs you can get and course fees to think about when selecting a good hair course. Our complete Hair School guide will help you with this.

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