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Easy interest-free loan for your Hair and beauty courses In India

Our new collaboration will make your course fee payment easy.

Great news, we are proud to announce our partnership with Varthana Finance Private Limited.

The best solution for your educational loan need.

Have you postponed your learning or let go of the opportunity to enroll in the Beauty Institute just because financing the course fee was an issue?

Looked for an educational loan? But a bank loan seems like too much paperwork with a high-interest rate.

Little about Varthana.

Varthana is an education finance company that provides timely loans and support to students. Specifically to students willing to enroll themselves in school or institute, thus catering to affordable students loan for education purposes - schooling, management, diploma or certificate course.

The main idea is to provide an easy, quick, hassle-free experience. This allows the students to secure valuable resources & education without going through a long and difficult process.

What is it?

Student loan facility for education purpose, custom made, suitable for individual needs, collateral-free with easy payment option.

How does it work?

3 steps & 3 minutes are all it takes.

Step 1 - Apply

Here you have to visit us & apply for the loan. Share your documents with us. It takes 2 documents to apply; the process is done online, and we have our members to help you do it.

Step 2 - Approve

Wait for the team to approve the documents; the team verifies & checks the record & accordingly sends their confirmation for approval. The loan amount is decided & finalized.

Step 3 - Loan Disbursed.

Depending on your approval, the amount is then paid to the academy on your behalf. This means your course fee is paid & the enrollment process is completed.

What happens after this?

You have enrolled yourself for the beauty course in our beauty academy & can now start your learning journey.

The institute bears the complete processing fee, charges, and GST. You get an interest-free loan.

How will this loan facility help in your education?

In today's time, when there is so much expense & too many payments to make. Taking out a bulk amount of money at one go & making the complete fee payment in one installment is impossible.

Here by taking the loan amount, you can pay the course amount in one go without having to bear the pressure & having to pay the money from your end.

It lets you pay the amount in equal installments over a period of time, thus removing the pressure from you & thus enables you to begin your course too.

What is the institute doing for me?

We all know banks lend money either by keeping something of yours as collateral or charging a high rate of interest from you.

For every lending, there is an interest fee charged. This is where the institute comes into the picture.

The institute bears the interest rate, the processing fee & the tie-up charge too. Thus making it convenient & free of interest charge for you.

How do I benefit from the hair and beauty course loan?

In three ways -

One, you are taking the first step towards your career. By being able to enroll yourself for the course & start with your learning. Weren't you postponing joining the course & getting into the hairdressing career just because of issues related to the fee amount - not being able to pay the fee amount in one go or not being able to take up a loan facility because of a high-interest rate? This is the best opportunity as you get the option of collateral & interest fee loan facility.

Second, you don't have to bear any extra costs; it's all paid for by the institute. Otherwise, where the bank would have charged you about 12 % of interest, here you are free from that.

The third is the ease of making the payment in easy installments. The loan facility will remove the burden of huge payments at one go from your head. It gives you an easy installment payment solution at no extra cost. The course fee amount is broken into convenient' months for repayment. You get about a year to complete the course payment. If you want to extend the time, you can do that too. So now you don't have to worry about the payment but can focus on your education.

How is this different from the bank loan facility?

Easy to understand - the process is easy to understand & even easier to complete. The complete procedure is done online & doesn't involve too much paperwork.

Saves time - no more running from one office to another branch, taking your parents along for verification. Collecting different types of documents & waiting for weeks for confirmation. This process is a one-time quick task with significantly less document requirement.

Help & guidance - Our team manager, who coordinates directly with Varthana institute, also helps you ensure a smooth and convenient process.

Instant approval - once the process is done, your fee amount gets sanctioned instantly & gets credited to the institute's account. You can start your course then & there if you want.

No hidden terms & conditions - there are no unmentioned hidden charges or secret terms. What is told to you is the complete picture of the process.

What is the benefit of the loan facility to the beauty industry?

In recent times, we have seen an enormous demand & increase in opportunities in the beauty industry (thanks to the importance of self-care, looking good & hygiene awareness). This has led to a shortage of hairdressers & beauticians. The demand for hairstylists, beauticians, and makeup artists has increased, but the supply is still the same. This means there is a massive demand for people to enter this industry. The job opportunity has increased, the scope is immense & the pay is increasing.

This loan facility helps you to take advantage of the situation & grab it on time. Pursue your dream career at the very right time.

It helps the student take the first step & start their education. To move ahead in their career without worrying about their finances or wasting time waiting to collect the entire total amount to pay the course fee. As we all know that the world is dynamic, grab the opportunity on time to move ahead in your career.

Previously, loan was always connected with banks. But now as we move ahead, this is the best solution for your education need.

Now is the right time to start your education, we at IHB are here to help you sort out all your issues. From counseling to choice of subject & course, from finances to practical exposure. We have it all covered for you.

Connect with us to get your education loan approved.

For more information call us +91-70263-77723.


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