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Benefits for Students from a free hairdressing career counselling IN INDIA.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Do I need a counselling session for my hairdressing & Beauty career in India?

While you think & plan about your career, an endless number of questions come to your mind.

While most questions are related to the hairdressing, beauty & makeup - about the course, fee, college, faculty, training, internships, job, and future possibilities. There are a set of questions equally important & the ones that need to be answered first.

Questions related to the first step towards your career & goal.

And to answer such questions, one must attend a counselling session - to clear out your doubts & to know more about the industry from the expert.

Lots of questions to ask, but no answer to find?

We’ve got you covered.

Discuss, share & understand with us at IHB Academy in Bangalore, India.

What to expect in our counselling session?

A counselling session is a one-on-one conversation between you and our faculty. Our faculty - the counselor is also a Beauty expert and holds an experience of many years in Hairdressing, beauty & salon work. The faculty will first hear you out - all your questions about the beauty courses, your doubts regarding the profession, income possibilities, training, experience, future possibilities, etc. (we know your list of questions is endless). We shall answer all your questions & provide you with guidance - customized as per your situation & needs.

What is the duration?

The maximum time for a session can go up to an hour. It purely depends on you & what concerns & questions you have. But on average, a good session usually lasts for about 30 minutes - which includes listening to you, giving you suggestions, solving your queries & answering your questions. The session ends after we have cleared all your queries.

Why is the counselling session really important?

We know you are passionate about this industry. You would have gathered all the information from the internet and your friends.

But is this enough? Being passionate & asking your friends is what every other student like you must have done. So, where is your advantage, your upper hand in this?

Therefore, here comes the counselling session.

So this is your first step. As you are new to this industry, you don't know how it works from the inside. The real-time examples, happenings in the industry, future of it - all these answers are best received from the experts from the field.

It shall clarify how the hairdressing & beauty industry worked in the past, how it has evolved in the present, and what changes this industry will see in the future. This information is essential as you may not be aware of the changes happening inside the industry.

Why is the counselling session free?

This counselling session is free because our faculty members, the industry experts, would love to share their knowledge with the future members of our industry. Being passionate about the topic & holding love regarding the same - hair, beauty, and makeup, we at our institute IHB Academy would love to help you take your first right step in your career. That is why this is more of our service to society rather than a sales task.

What will happen during the session?

We will first hear you out. Listen to what your concern is & guide you accordingly. Then we will give you a brief idea about what the profession is like, the course, the future, etc. Provide you with clarity about the current situation & what the future withholds. What is it going to be like? Is it the right fit for me? Which course & college is the best? All these kinds of questions & many more. All these questions will be cleared.

What will happen by the end of the session?

The focus here is more to clear your doubts & give you clarity. A clear understanding of the situation & what it withholds. It helps you step on top of your beliefs & pre-knowledge that you had beforehand. It enables you to learn & relearn from what you already know & what it truly is that nobody tells you about or how it actually is from the inside.

By the end of the session, your doubts will be cleared, and you will have gained more information on topics related to Hairdressing, beauty & makeup. You will also get clarity on what next step to take.

Is this counselling session worth it?

It is going to be an interactive & understanding conversation. Speak your mind. The counselor won't judge you on your questions but would be more than happy to answer them. We will empower you with the knowledge to help you make the right choices. Assistance and guidance to make the right choice. Give you more clarity on your interests & how it matches with what you want to pursue. It will really help build your career plan.

Is a counselling session an advice session?

Counseling is not a piece of advice. Advice is when the experienced person gives you his opinion, without actually customizing as per your situation & needs.

Here we help you find your customized solution. The solution has been come upon as per your needs & benefits. It's not an imposition but guidance.

What are the discussion points in the session?

There are endless points we will talk about. To name a few questions -What is your education plan? What are your career goals? Which stream of specialization is your best fit? What is the college that would help you achieve your targets? What is the future of the industry? What are the skills required? These are just a few ones. Many more questions like these and more are discussed.

What won't happen in the counselling session?

Firstly, you won't be judged. Speak your mind. You can ask the silliest of the question & be assured of getting an answer. The counselor won't judge you on your questions but would be more than happy to address them.

Secondly, we are not to give you a solution but to empower you with the knowledge to help you make the right choices. We will provide assistance and guidance to help you make the right choice and not force our decisions on you.

You are under no pressure or force to do the course with us. Though we do provide Hairdressing, beauty & makeup course. But attending a counselling session with us doesn't mean you have to necessarily enroll with us for the course. You may or may not. It's all up to you. Our counselling session will still be free of cost.

So are you ready to take up your life-changing counselling session? We bet it will surely benefit you. Kickstart your career now.

Connect with us at IHB Academy, Bangalore & book your free Counselling session now. Call +91-70263-77723.


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