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Future of the beauty industry.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

It's changing, growing, flourishing & building - know everything about its future.

The future is here, & the focus is shifting to everything self-care. Look good & feel good are the hot words now.

It's 2022, and nobody has seen the future, but as we move ahead, one thing we know for sure is the Salon & Beauty Industry will flourish.

But what are the key points to look out for? People are demanding - easy, unique & flexible service. And, environment-friendly will get added to this list quite soon.

We have done our research well, so worry not. Here are a few points that are going to change & evolve in the coming year.

Get ready to upgrade yourself & your salon.

Top Salon changes to be seen in the Salon Industry.

Men as customers.

Women currently contribute 80 percent of the salon revenue, and men contribute only 20 percent. This number is going to change & there will be an increase in the percentage of men who would love to avail salon services. Demand for men's services like beard trim, shaving cuts, etc., is common. But services like facials, pedicures, spas, etc., will all be in demand. All thanks to the look & feel-good factor & men need their pampering sessions.

Being beauty conscious.

Due to digital media influence, selfies for every action you do, etc. Looking good all the time has become a necessity. This calls for visiting salons even more & at regular intervals. In the coming years, looking your best and being your best is the only way to be trending & so salon services will be on everyone's go-to place. People would frequently visit the salon as compared to now.

Increase in purchasing power.

We can see an increase in people's earnings, especially for women (as previously, the ratio of earnings for women was relatively low). This means people in India now have more money in hand & their purchasing & spending power have also increased.

Women especially are earning more & spending more on grooming themselves better. And one of the significant areas where these people would be spending (of course after food) is on themselves - how they look. Being beauty-conscious, they are ready to spend on the salon & wellness industry.

At your salon, you can provide the best grooming service. Remember, everyone wants to feel & look good & confident after the session.

Cosmetic treatments.

As people evolve, so are the studies & scientific research & thinking behind the treatments. To look good is the goal.

Nobody wants to age, but let's make it look trendy as we age.

Cosmetic treatments for pimples to blackheads to wrinkles to scars. Any treatment for any concern will be welcomed. You can plan to increase the kind of service you provide. You can currently branch out to treatments if you are into salon service.

But remember to train your staff well & equip yourself with the best of the equipment & knowledge. Yes, it is an investment, but the return will be higher.

Did you think home service is a threat?

The studies show that there may be an increase in-salon service at home. But that has nothing to do with salon service at the salon because people are still willing to visit the salon to get their beauty services done.

Thanks to the pandemic, the salon at home may have shown a boom recently. But as the situation improves, people are ready to visit their salon for their pampering session.

So if you are worried about the future of the salon, worry not. It's only going to get better & more significant in the future.

It is said to be a salon industry for a reason. How much ever we say we get the salon home, but can we? Can we replicate the ambiance at home or carry all the needed equipment. Not really. Environment & proper equipment can't be replicated at home. And this is another reason why Salon Industry at Salon will flourish.

Retail at the salons.

At any salon, whether it's a local or a premium one. The sale of beauty products like shampoo, conditioners, spa products, etc., occupies a space at the salon. And the beautician does sell the products.

According to a survey, the market for beauty products is expected to grow about 11% by the years 22-27. The beauty industry is currently valued at Rs 54,558 Crore. Now you can imagine the scope of retail business in your salon. As a salon owner, you can tie up with top beauty brands & showcase & sell their products in your salon. For this, you can surely earn a lot of money either in commissions or percentages.

You can also train your staff to sell the products better. Equip them with a better understanding & knowledge of the products, use, & sales process.

Beauty Academy.

A lot of salons will be venturing into the beauty academy. Why not. They have the resources - experienced & skilled artists, have tie-up with influential brands, have their space. And once you have all these things in place, opening your academy is the next best move. The industry is predicted to show a boom, increasing demand for hairstylists, beauticians & makeup artists. This means need for more professionals who are well equipped & trained to serve the customers.

This allows the salon owner to increase their income & also helps their team of professionals to be regularly updated & trained frequently.

Launch of private labels.

The trend we can already see is a lot of well-established brands are launching cosmetic, skincare & haircare products under their private labels. The trick here is to first establish your brand name & then, using the brand name, venture into building products. The options are endless - from haircare services like shampoo spas to cosmetics like nail paint to beauty products like face wash. For example, recently, Enrich Salons launched its own brand Born Ethical; Jawed Habib is next in line to launch his own label. You already have your brand name & set of customers with you; selling your products won't be challenging.

Go digital.

Everyone & every second thing is moving to the digital platform. Salon services cannot go digital, but the process can. Having your own app that allows online booking and product showcase makes it simple & convenient for the clients. They can look for service availability, choose the stylist of their choice, etc. Another trending thing is answering clients' queries, providing tips & information on beauty topics, writing your own blogs, building content, etc. All this helps build your brand name & rapport with people & keeps you in the people's minds.

Go natural & sustainable.

With increased consciousness amongst people regarding the environment, many people are looking for eco-friendly, sustainable services. People are conscious of the amount of water used, the kinds of products used, and whether they harm the environment.

To keep up with the increased consciousness, you must make a few changes to the kind of business & service you are providing. A lot of brands are vegan and cruelty-free; switch to them. Use water conservative options for services like hair wash, pedicure, etc. Find substitute plastics for your service kits. Be ready to be more environmentally friendly; that's the future demand.

The above-mentioned points are a few upcoming trends in the beauty industry, forecasted by the experts. And we already can see the shift happening.

The future of the beauty industry is here, and trust me if you have not already prepped for it, you will surely miss out on the first movers' advantage. The beauty industry is evolving hope you too are.


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