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Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

There's a famous saying, "A man is known by his tools." And this sits quite well with the hairdresser; why? Because for a hairdresser, knowing their tool well is the prerequisite for being the best in their field. That is why knowing your tool inside out - which includes learning about what it is, its uses, its type, its care, & much more - is essential.

IHB Academy gives a great emphasis on the importance of tool learning.

That is why we have modeled our course to focus on imparting complete knowledge of tools.

Let's look into some essential tools that are a must in the hairdresser's tool bag.

Scissors & shears

One of the most basic & essential tools that a hairdresser needs is the scissors & shears. Different types & sizes help you achieve different hairstyle looks. They are vital as they help shape the hair, help achieve a smooth finish & give a fresh new look. Remember using the right one will help enhance & upgrade your cutting skills.

Hair Dryers

Hairdryers are a must-have tool for their ability to perform any & every style. The primary role is to dry the wet hair after a shampoo session. But they also help create many different hairstyles for both men and women. Want curls? Want volume? Want hair straightened? Blow-dryers can help achieve any look. It's quite a versatile tool that fits every hairdresser's tool bag.

Service tools

Includes blow dryers, curlers, straighteners, and many other tools that help one style. Knowing & working with these tools can make all the difference in your service. From straight hair to soft waves or blow dry's to curls - whatever your customer demands, you can fulfill their wishes with these tools in your kit.

Styling comb

Combing, parting, styling, backcombing, cutting, detangling, for every hair activity & hair type, a comb is made. Your kit will be full of combs but trust us; you won't be complaining about it.

Water spray bottles & clips

These are like the unsung heroes, very important while any activity is conducted but not much talked about. This helps smooth the process. While the clips help you hold on to hair sections, the water spray helps make the hair manageable while working on it.


While working on many things that involve using products like shampoo, color, chemicals, etc. Your attire may get dirty during the process. Wearing an apron helps your clothes not get dirty.

Also, here are another few things that matter too -

  • The quality of the tools is essential. The best quality helps you achieve the best results.

  • The only way to achieve perfectness in using tools is to practice & practice.

  • Managing tools is not a one-day thing but a process. Therefore it requires investment regularly.

  • There is always an addition of new & better tools in the market. Therefore one has to upgrade themselves regularly.

  • While choosing your tools, look for convenience, such as the size of the instrument, is it lightweight, easy to carry, etc. A good tool should also be easy to use & deal with.

“What is a workman without his tools?”

Knowing your tools well is quite important in the hairdresser’s career. From aprons to scissors to heat appliances to mirrors, all hold equal importance in a hairdresser's tool bag.

At IHB Academy, we not only teach the basic tool knowledge but dive deep into giving them practical knowledge about the tools, the different alternatives, the best way to use a tool, etc. Every detail is taught to the students & they are given ample opportunity to practice.

What according to you, is the most important tool for a hairdresser?


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