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Hairstyle Workshop In India Led By International Hairstylist Sean Taaffe

one-of-a-kind international-level seminar hosted by IHB Global & Calyx Professional

Sean Taaffe, the most influential & talented global hair artist in the world led a Hairdressing Seminar in India, Hosted by IHB Academy Global & Calyx Professional.

IHB Global and Calyx professional have created & hosted a series of exclusive global-level international workshops across nine cities in India in February 2023. The cities included Hyderabad, Kochi, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Indore, Baroda, and Jaipur.

This seminar provided hairstylists and salon owners from all over India with a golden opportunity to master the art of hair with the most influential international hair stylist – Sean Taaffe, two times OMC Hairworld Winner.

For all the professionals looking to upgrade their skills, and learn tricks & techniques, and for all the salon owners who wanted to expand their horizons, this workshop was exclusive & one of a kind. This workshop was designed to teach attendees the latest trends in the hairstyling and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in their craft. It also gave them an opportunity to connect with different hairdressers and build connections.

How has attending this seminar helped the hairdressers upgrade their careers?

  • Learn from one of the most influential international hairstylists in the industry.

  • Level up your hair styling skills to match up with professional hair artists.

  • Learn to innovate in hair through new core techniques.

  • Learn hair skills & new techniques from his expertise in hairstyling.

  • 4 signature haircuts with an avant-garde creation by Sean.

  • Gain valuable insights and knowledge to elevate hairstyling skills.

  • Gain a competitive edge in the market with this insightful session on the global hairdressing industry.

  • Network with other hairstylists, salon owners, and industry professionals.

  • Potentially develop collaborations and partnerships in the future.

  • Transform hairstyling skills and career prospects.

This seminar had Sean Taaffe show his four signature haircuts & share his knowledge & years of international experience with the audience.

Sean Taaffe is the most influential & talented global hair artist in the world.

He is a renowned hairstylist, who has won multiple awards and accolades in his career. With over 30 years of experience, he has established himself as one of the world's most talented and skilled hairstylists. His unique approach to hairstyling, creativity, and passion have made him a favorite among celebrities and models.

Overall, this 6+ hour seminar had 475 plus participants attending this workshop & the feedback received from these participants had a few things in common.

  1. This seminar helped them level up their skills to match up to professional hair artists.

  2. It helped them innovate in hair through new core techniques learned.

  3. It provided them with insight into the global hairdressing industry.

"Let's read what the participants had to say -

The seminar was very good. Learned new things & techniques. Overall it was a good experience, I liked it. Sean Taaffe is superb. Got to learn different types of new haircuts."

- Arun from Aruns Makeover Salon, Kochi.

"The seminar was a good learning experience. Learned new rules. Have attended many Haircut seminars, but here learned something new and interesting tricks."

- Iqbal Quran from U&I Salon, Hyderabad.

"I have attended many hairdressing seminars previously. This one was superb & wonderful, thoroughly enjoyed the whole program. The cuts, the arrangement, etc, were all great. I don’t think that there was anything that needs to be changed."

- Enna from Alora Luxury Salon, Bangalore.

This seminar was all about learning from the best & taking your hairstyling career to the next level. Are you ready to attend the next seminar?

To know more about the seminar, stay connected.


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