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How attending IHB Seminar Boosted Hairdressers' Professional Development

the many benefits for your career growth

Attending seminars is crucial for hairdressers who want to grow their careers. Seminars provide a platform for hairdressers to learn new techniques, improve their skills, and stay updated on industry trends. In this blog, we will explore why attending seminars is essential for hairdressers' career growth.

Also, how the latest seminar hosted by IHB Academy Global & Calyx Professional. & led by Sean Taaffe, the most influential & talented global hair artist in the world was a one-of-a-kind experience for hairdressers in 10 different cities, in India.

This seminar provided hairstylists and salon owners from all over India with a golden opportunity to master the art of hair with the most influential international hair stylist – Sean Taaffe, two times OMC Hairworld Winner.

Impact of IHB Academy & Calyx Professional Seminar In India

  1. Learn New Techniques and Skills

Attending seminars provides hairdressers with an opportunity to learn new techniques and skills that they can apply to their work. Hairdressing is an ever-evolving industry, and new techniques are continually emerging. Attending seminars enables hairdressers to stay up to date with these new techniques and apply them to their work. The new skills learned can help hairdressers provide better services to their clients, making them stand out from their competitors.

At this Seminar - Sean Taaffe provided practical demonstrations of the techniques during the seminar. This allowed them to gain a better understanding of the skill sets needed to become successful in the field.

  1. Stay Updated on Industry Trends

Attending seminars enables hairdressers to stay updated on industry trends. The hairdressing industry is dynamic, and trends are continually changing. Attending seminars provides hairdressers with the latest information on trends, ensuring that they are up to date with the latest fashion and style trends. This information can help hairdressers keep up with their competitors, attract more clients, and grow their careers.

At this Seminar - The audience said, the reviews were not just " it was nice to attend" but they also said "we learned a lot", We saw the pulse of the people. You just come to know by looking at the participants when they are learning, sitting there engaged, asking questions politely, actively participating, and eager to understand & learn.

  1. Networking Opportunities

Seminars provide hairdressers with networking opportunities. Hairdressers can connect with other professionals in the industry, including product manufacturers, salon owners, and other hairdressers. These connections can provide hairdressers with new job opportunities, referrals, and other career growth opportunities. With the right mindset, attending seminars can help you stay on top of your game and reach new heights in your chosen profession.

At this Seminar - We also provided a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and collaborate on new ideas, and create and develop potential business opportunities. We provided the attendee's lunch break & breaks in between so that they could connect & communicate with other professionals.

  1. Increase Confidence and Motivation

Attending seminars can help hairdressers increase their confidence and motivation. Learning new skills, meeting new people, and staying updated on industry trends can provide hairdressers with a sense of accomplishment and motivation. This can help hairdressers perform better at work, leading to career growth and success.

At this Seminar - We provided an engaging and enriching environment for our participants to enhance their skills and succeed in their profession.

  1. Continuing Education

Hairdressing is a profession that requires continuing education. Attending seminars provides hairdressers with the opportunity to meet their continuing education requirements. This can help hairdressers maintain their licenses and certifications, ensuring that they remain employable and marketable.

At this Seminar - Our seminar also provides a wide range of topics, ranging from business, marketing, customer service, soft skills, and even leadership. We believe that combining these elements creates an unparalleled service experience and enables attendees to gain a holistic understanding of the hairdressing industry and their place in it.

In conclusion, attending seminars is essential for hairdressers who want to grow their careers. Seminars provide hairdressers with an opportunity to learn new techniques and skills, stay updated on industry trends, network with other professionals, increase confidence and motivation, and meet continuing education requirements. Hairdressers who attend seminars are better positioned to provide better services to their clients, stand out from their competitors, and grow their careers.

Our aim was to give the participants an insight into the best hair-dressing techniques and skills, to develop their confidence, to open the door for endless opportunities, to equip them with the tools to become a sought-after hair-stylist, and to develop the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the industry. Through our seminar, we believe that our participants left with an understanding of the industry, the confidence to pursue their dream career and with the skills, knowledge and techniques to become a successful hair-stylist.


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