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Top Hairdressing Career Opportunities in India & globally

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

They say that the look of your hair often indicates your mood, personality and overall appearance. And this is exactly why people are ready to spend a lot of money and invest in their hair.

This translates to many amazing job opportunities in hairdressing!

As an industry focused on making people look and feel their best, the services provided help build confidence so people can feel good about themselves.

And as hairdressing is closely related to the fashion industry, it goes through numerous fads and trends, continuously changing and evolving with time. This is one reason why hairdressing will remain a vibrant industry and an in-demand service, with a range of attractive career opportunities for those who are passionate about it.

We’ve listed a few of the most popular career choices in hairdressing below.

Own Your Very Own Salon: Perhaps the dream of many budding hairdressing professionals, once you have enough professional experience, you can move onto opening your very own salon! From the freedom to operate as the manager or director of your salon or even continue as a hairdresser, enjoy a range of work options as a salon owner. Plus. with your experience and the loyal client base nurtured during your many years of service, it will be a lot easier for you to draw in your previous client base into your business while also attracting new customers.

And since you've already worked as a hairdresser and are super familiar with the salon environment, you can use your first-hand knowledge and skills involving the finer details of successful hairdressing and salon operations, to take your business forward.

Become an In-Demand Hairdressing Freelancer: The perfect choice for hairdressing professionals who prefer a flexible schedule and developing their own style, hairdressing freelancers are all the rage now in India and elsewhere. Becoming a popular hairdressing freelancer is a superb opportunity will allow you to make good money, plus work for models, actors and even on movie sets. Also, apart from the glamour industry, you can work as a freelance hairdresser for events and special occasions like weddings, parties, etc.

Influence Global Trends as a Celebrity Personal Hairstylist/In-House Consultant: Over the past few years, there’s been a massive increase in demand for personal hairstylists and related roles. Naturally, there are tremendous opportunities in this niche hairdressing area because of the massive money in industries such as entertainment and sports! The role involves taking care of all aspects of your clients’ hair and beauty on a regular basis, from their hairstyles to styling them in general. A personal hairstylist is responsible for helping clients manage their look for all their events and even daily regular life. A closely related opportunity is that of in-house consultant, where you provide guidance for shoots, events, etc., as a hairdressing expert.

Begin Your Rise as a Hairdressing Apprentice: Start out strong in the industry with the guidance of an experienced hairdresser and at a top-ranked salon, and you'll be set for life! A hairdressing apprentice is the job role you will have when entering the industry with no prior experience. If you opt to work as a hairdressing apprentice, you will be given mostly basic tasks of a hairdresser like washing hair, blow drying, etc. Usually, a trainee or apprentice is the starting point in a hairdressing career, before you become a junior stylist, then senior stylist, and so on as you progress up the ranks. As a hairdressing apprentice, you can learn the fundamentals and adopt a great attitude to make future progress in your hairdressing career.

Shape Trends and Styles as a Popular Beauty Influencer: With the rise in popularity of social media influencers plus WOM marketing, becoming a beauty or hairdressing influencer has emerged as a top career opportunity. Many chose to become beauty influencers because it is a lucrative and rewarding experience. This career gives you the option of collaborating with brands and sharing your knowledge plus insight on everything related to hair and hairdressing with your followers. After making a name as a popular influencer, you can use your brand name and identity to diversify into many different business areas!

Compete With the World’s Best in Top International Hairdressing Competitions: If you love travelling and are fluent in your English language skills, you can choose to take part in international hairdressing competitions that are frequently held across the globe. This will allow you to follow your passion for learning new things and to explore the world. These competitions not only give you the tools to learn and grow as an individual, but also the prize money offered to winners and sometimes even participants can be really good. And the thrill of competing alongside the world's best will be an experience you cherish long after!

Become a Respected Hair Brand Sales Representative: If you have a lot of knowledge about hairdressing and beauty, either through working at a salon or completing a relevant course, you can easily work as a sales representative for a famous hair products brand. You can become an advocate of the brand or work in the sales department. This career path will require you to have really strong knowledge about your products, updated skills involving the job, and great communication skills too. Grow your industry reputation and become an in-demand products professional to enjoy tremendous career growth opportunities!

Move Up to Salon Manager Position: If you are keen to enter the hairdressing industry but you would rather work in the area of administration or management, then you have the option of working as a manager in a salon. Here, your role may vary, and your responsibilities can involve everything from hiring, supervising, maintaining inventory, managing budgets, and planning, to advertising. Being a part of the management team of a salon is a great career option and will also place you strongly to move into management positions in other industries!


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