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Is Formal Education a Must for my Beauty Career?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

to take the course or not, that's the question

Pursuing your career in the beauty industry and wanting to become a hairstylist, beautician, or makeup artist. Do I really need to go to a beauty school & take proper classes to learn the skill? Or let me just watch some training videos online & start working at the salon & see how it goes.

There's always a doubt here.

Formal training is always talked about. Yes, beauty service is all about service, involving the action of doing; & practical exposure plays an important role here.

But we just can't deny the importance of a Beauty School that imparts all the required knowledge to the beauty aspirant.

Formal training is important, infact necessary, for the stylist, in the beauty industry.

If you ask why it is so important. Let's clear your doubt with this read.

We have four aspirant students coming to us. We help them solve their doubts.

Neha: Not enrolling in a Beauty Academy & starting with work is a time & money-saving option.

Yes, for a moment, it may seem to start without doing a course because the money saved & time saved may seem attractive. But going by the records, it's seen that when one doesn't have a degree, the role they get is at a very basic level & for which the pay is also too minimum. Though you save your course fee, you also reduce your earning capacity. And to move to a higher role in your work, the time you will take also increases.

Soumya: We can always refer to the internet if we don't know anything, want to learn & update ourselves.

For those who feel that the internet has everything, we can safely call it alternative learning. Then no, it's not.

Firstly, we can hardly differentiate if the information comes from experts or just any random person.

Secondly, beauty learning requires watching & learning minute details too, which is not very clear if you are not physically present at the place of learning.

Thirdly, factors like Q&A sessions, connection with the teacher, and being on the same platform with like-minded people is all missing in online learning.

Kriti: Why is the certificate so important? It's just a piece of paper.

The School Certificate is your power. Formal education provides you with a certificate at the end of the course which confirms your skills & training. This is what most salons & clients look for to get assurance on your capability. It may sound different, but a piece of paper can instill confidence in your clients about your work. It confirms your proficiency & efficiency at work. It makes it easier for you to find a job & move ahead in your career. When it's you v/s another person without a certificate - you'll be chosen for sure. It gives you a license to perform your job.

Soumya: People at the salon do hire people with experience over a certificate.

I won't deny the fact that experience holds a lot of weight. But it can just take you to a point. During hiring time, the salons consider the degree a hairstylist has. The certificate gives the salon owners confidence that the person they are hiring is well versed in his field. It also opens up the chances for the stylist with opportunities for higher roles.

Sneha: I'll type out a topic & read about it. It's free, easy & convenient. The topics are all up there.

The syllabus is prepared & taught by an industry expert.

It's updated with the latest trend & information. You'll get to learn everything latest in the business, in trend with an updated curriculum.

The topics are not just any random subjects. Much research goes into what will be taught & what's necessary for the student to learn.

Kriti: But after a few years, once I gain enough experience, it won't matter anymore.

In the long run, it does matter. One, you aren't given higher roles. Two, during any hiring process, it affects your confidence when you see others being chosen over you just because of their formal training. Third, your growth opportunities are a bit slow. Fourth, compared to your competitors, you would feel behind in terms of their knowledge, people skills, etc.

Everything starts with the basics, what you are entering to, one must have thorough knowledge about it. But what if you are not aware & well versed with your basics? Then how far can you move ahead in your career?

Now let's turn the table.

Let me ask you some questions...

Did you ever think about how you would have hands-on experience with the equipment and tools? Do you have all of them at home, or are you planning to buy them?

Think about it.

At an academy, you get hands-on training with all the tools & equipment. You can learn to use & practice on different types of equipment, all brands, all kinds which unfortunately you would never be able to if you rushed straight to working. And definitely, it doesn't sound practical at all that you would purchase them.

Will you be guided by an Industry expert while you learn on your own? Who would be your mentor?

The faculty members at the Academy are all the best in their field; they hold years of experience. They have stories to share and personal experiences from which you can learn.

They are also able to give you inside details of the industry.

The idea of problems they faced & how they solved them can make you smarter & save you from soo many mistakes.

What about the variety of choices you get in an Academy?

There are different options to choose from, for the level you are in skill development, class & according to your interest area.

So if hairdressing is what you want to learn, you can specialize in that; it can be as specific as wedding hairdressing. Similarly, if you are a beginner, you can start with the basic level from the foundation course; if you want to advance your learning, you can choose a diploma course.

There are endless options to choose from.

Will self-learning give you the kind of exposure to the industry world that a school learning can provide?

A beauty academy usually has tie-ups with big brands, fashion shows, etc. Therefore, as part of their program, they also get the students to attend various seminars & events & workshops. This also gives you exposure to meet & interact with people from the same industry. A lot can be learned & understood from hearing their stories alone. These fashion workshops also give you an idea about how things are done in the fashion industry and how it really looks in reality.

Aren't we all looking up to higher roles in our careers?

Starting your career in the beauty industry can give you an advantage of practical knowledge. It can take you to a point. But for moving ahead, getting higher roles, and choosing to work in reputed Salons, opening your own salon, or being a lecturer, your formal training would be an added bonus.

Just seeing & learning without much doing, where would you get opportunities to document your work?

When you study in an Academy, during your course of learning & classes, you would be given ample opportunities to perform tasks & do activities; this gives you to build & add a lot of your work into your portfolio. This is an added benefit because you can showcase your work to your clients or salon owners while interviewing for the job. You have hands-on experience working on real models; these are all documented. Infact many schools, during the final exam, showcase & document the student's work. They allow you to market yourself.

The joy & advantage of live learning has no substitute for it. Don't you agree?

How much can you learn online or by reading or looking at books, especially beauty & hairdressing training requires to be understood in person, right in front of the eye, to see the tiniest details. It gives you hands-on training to polish your skills. As this is complex learning, you will need professional guidance. Learn about procedures, the reasons, why it's done a specific way, and what the pros & cons can be well understood by being physically present at the place.

It's a constant change business, with new trends coming n going, you have to be well aware & versed in all these things.

Infact formal training for once is sure; you may also have to make it more than one time.

It's a lifelong learning process.

Remember, even people who start without formal education take formal education at some point in the future to excel further.

So, if you think that you will only learn how to cut hair or color it in Beauty School, think again. What about skills like skin & hair assessment, technicals, tools & equipment management, soft skills, building networks, etc.?

Education will always be your tool of power, setting you apart from the competition.


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