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to carry on, exist & survive - is another story!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

To begin is one thing and to continue & survive is altogether another thing, especially in today's time in a fast paced environment, when there is so much competition & challenges.

But Yogee shows us how it's done. How one can grow irrespective of the barriers and challenges one faces - according to her - the key here is to look ahead and keep growing.


LANGUAGE, CULTURE, AGE, FINANCIAL POSITION! These may sound as barriers to you.

But for Yogee these were opportunities for her to grow.

When Yogee started her career, English was not something she was comfortable with. For her Hindi was her strength. But not knowing English didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams. Yogee believed in her capabilities & her passion and set out to begin her journey.

In the world where English has become the prerequisite for almost everything. Yogee was very clear and comfortable with the fact that she doesn't know English well, but also this can't be the reason behind her success or failure.

Yogee shares her experience with us, telling how she moved ahead turning all barriers into opportunities and moving towards success.

Support & help from the family.

Yogee had complete support from her family members, financial, motivational, emotional, in all ways. They were there with her throughout.

She can still recall that her sister had paid fees for Yogee’ s course. Even though her sister's salary was Rs. 700, she still made Yogee take formal education for hairdressing with EMI payment.

Also, her brother too motivated & supported her. He used to push her to attend different seminars and workshops, and her mom always portrayed a positive outlook and supported her with positive & inspiring self talk by saying words like “you can do it, you are capable of all of this”.

Being a woman, wife, mother - barrier or opportunity?

Everybody knows how tough it gets when one has a career & a family to look after. Both are like your own baby which require equal time, devotion & care. For Yogee, this was not a barrier, instead she took this as an opportunity to challenge herself and in the process learn & move ahead. In Fact these things bring out in one a lot of learnings like time management, setting priorities, better management skills, handling people, etc.

Is Degree the end of learning?

Yogee is totally an anti believer of this statement. For her holding a certificate doesn't mean gaining complete knowledge. In Fact it’s just the beginning.

A hairdresser has to always walk along with the trends - like learning and updating oneself from time to time. This applies not only as a hairdresser, but also in the salon and also in the hairdressing academy.

According to her, there is always new education, new trends, new products in the market - so one has to always update & upgrade themselves and keep learning.

Memorable experience with the client?

It's been 15 years in the industry, and Yogee has a lot of favorite experiences. And her proudest moment is that she has retained her regular customers who still visit her even now. They are so satisfied with her service that they come to her for advice and show blind trust in her. They also consult and follow her advice & suggestions without any second guessing.

Plans after completing Hairdressing.

Yogee had just one thought & plan - to open a salon and be the owner. But later she felt that she didn't have the capacity and finance at that time to open one.

Therefore, after completing her course, she worked at a salon for 3 months, then opened her own salon and after a year of salon opening, she opened an institute too and started teaching hairdressing to students.

Future Plan & Vision

For Yogee her school is her future. She envisions to upgrade her Academy from time to time, and provide best quality learning and training to her students. She wants to instill in them complete knowledge so that they can go ahead and work well in the industry. This will also upgrade the level of the industry, she feels.

Also, one thing that she wants to eradicate is the fact that in the market there is always this question floating that students just come without proper education and knowledge. Therefore, she wants the students to be completely aware and educated in their field.

The one thing that bothers Yogee is that students prefer learning Abroad because they feel in India the level of education is not good. For this Yogee wants to provide them with an international level of education in India so that they don't have to move abroad or struggle and find hardship to get proper education and spend so much abroad. Therefore, her ultimate aim is to provide an international level of education in India with respect to syllabus, teaching, quality, etc. and give the best here so that the industry also grows and so does the student.

Language is not the barrier

Language, culture, financial background - if you think all these things are the barriers between you & your passion, then think again!

All these things are not the barrier. If you have self confidence, determination & passion you can overcome all these barriers over time and reach your goal.

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