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Meet our Founder -The boss lady

Lecturer / Training & Development Professional / Professional Hairstylist / Beautician / Soft Skills Trainer / Company Director are just some of the few roles that Mrs. Nayana Karunaratne performs in the professional front as part of her everyday role.

These roles in themselves are inspiring and challenging. But the beginning of any journey is nothing less of challenges & surprises, and on the way, while dealing with it comes confidence, knowledge & success.

But how did it all begin?

Let's read about the journey of Mrs. Nayana Karunaratne, where she candidly shares her journey with us.

Nayana Karunaratne is primarily known in Sri Lanka and the Asian region for her immense contributions to the hair and beauty industry. Her renown industry-wide is based on her reputation as a pioneering stylist and female entrepreneur, the successful operation of a vastly successful salon chain across Sri Lanka and India, the running of an academy offering world-accredited programs of hair and beauty education, the operation of an industry-renowned academy of personality development, and her status as a well-respected Director and a Board Member in numerous global hair and beauty associations.

Her list of learning & education holds the names of Great Institutes from all around the world. Like Alan International School of Hairdressing London to Tony & Guy – London- Singapore or Schwarzkopf Professional - Germany to Rever Hairdressing - Hong Kong these are just a few names from the list.

Another feather to her hat is the Personality Development Programs she has developed and conducts through her company ‘Image Consultants’. They offer guidance in about 15 different categories of self-development.

Her reputation for delivering high-quality, practical skills training and personality development programs can be seen in her Beauty Academy & salons operation.

A highly successful business lady and entrepreneur in Sri Lanka and the wider region, business entities currently owned and operated by Nayana Karunaratne include:

  • Salon Nayana chain of hair & beauty Salons in Sri Lanka and India started in 1980

  • SN Academy of Hair & Beauty – Sri Lanka & India

  • Image Consultants – Academy of Personality Development- Sri Lanka

  • IHB – Institute of Hairdressers & Beauticians – Sri Lanka/ India/ Pakistan/ Bangladesh

And it doesn't end here. With the kind of work she has done, awards & recognition are sure to follow. Business Woman of the Year – Gold Award – Large Category 2007, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year – 2007, Medal of Distinction 2009, are just a few names.

Her passion & dedication is seen in her work and her knowledge. According to her, learning has no age or expiry date. Everyone should keep learning & keep growing. Her interest in education & learning can be seen in a few of her Hairdressing & beauty books - “Matter of Hair”, “Beauty therapy 1”, that she has written.

Her work in the past decade and a half, however, has included a parallel focus on the development of skills and training programs aimed at both the private and public sectors, across numerous industries.

In addition to all of these, we can find her inclination towards education of youth & youth professionals.

But while we read all about her achievements & success story, Don't forget that she too started small. With the same self-doubt and questions of if & doubts in her mind.

In Spite of all this background noise of people, who questioned her career choice saying “ is stylist & beautician even a career option”? she didn’t let these things demotivate her. And in the year 1980, she started her first salon at her house. And after a year she had her first baby, and at the peak time where her salon needed her complete dedication, she had her newborn son at home demanding equal attention. But Mrs. Nayana's time management skill & passion for her work & family got her going.

Now the real question is what is the difference between her (successful beauty entrepreneur) and you? And to truly answer the question in one line, it's the fact that she had taken that plunge, the leap of faith & you still have to do that. There is a famous quote stating “ when you are most afraid to jump, jump then or else you’ll remain in the same place forever.

This is your sign to take that leap of faith and pursue your calling, your interest in Hair & Beauty.

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