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Migrating as a hairdresser to Australia from India

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

However, the migration system has been exploited and abused by people from South Asia (India, Sri Lanka Pakistan) with many migrating to Australia under a specific industry or job category, only to later take up different jobs outside of the industry. Hence, the Australian government is currently enforcing strict measures to ensure that those migrating to Australia through the skilled migration process, actually continue working within the originally selected industry. In this case, in the hair and beauty industry.

While this makes the process of migration much harder for us in South Asia, it has the positive effect of ensuring that those of you with the right intentions will be preferred and gain selection.

In the rest of this blog, we’ll introduce some of the key areas to consider to properly migrate to Australia as a professionally skilled hairdresser or beautician and enjoy a rewarding career once there

English Language Proficiency

The test acknowledged by the Australian Government is the IELTs examination. But remember, simply passing the test with minimum marks is not what you should aim for. Because the grade you are awarded can/will make the difference between you receiving the visa or not.

They will test you on your reading, writing, speaking and listening. These are all skills you can work on starting today itself! Not only will developing these skills help you score well in the exam and get your visa, but better communication is also key to improved success in the industry. Better English language skills will allow you to get a job faster, get more clients, and develop beautiful relationships, allowing you to enjoy a higher quality of life in Australia.

For more information on the IELTS examination please check the official page using this link.

Professional Qualification

Remember, your professional education counts towards migration only if it is done prior to the work experience you’ve gained! Therefore, it is recommended by migration specialists that you finish the right qualification before you begin your professional career. This will save you time, plus it will give you the correct foundation to gradually build a career as a highly successful hairdresser or beautician.

What you study and where you study matters a lot. There are prerequisite modules that you must complete to ensure that you have the required skill sets to pass practical and theory examinations. You will also require a transcript and certificate at the time of submission of your migration documents.

Our Diploma courses meet the requirements of skilled professional migration to Australia, allowing you to migrate easily, provided you meet the other migration requirements they’ve listed.

- Upon passing the examination, we also provide you with the transcript and certificate, which you have to submit during the migration process.

Work Experience

Based on if you have a professional qualification or not, the amount of work experience required for skilled migration will differ. For example, if you have received an accredited qualification before your work experience, you will need to do approximately 1 to 2 years less than if you do not.

Similarly, the kind of work you do during your work experience also matters. During the visa application process, they will cross-reference the work you’ve done during your work experience to see if it corresponds to and matches the skill area you are applying under.

Try to maintain a log book of all the work you do everyday. This will help you greatly when it is time to migrate. While at work, learn as much as you can, do things outside your comfort zone, and challenge yourself constantly. This will help you at each stage, whether before, during or after migration.

Remember, our tips are not only to help you migrate properly, but to allow you to be a successful professional once you migrate to realise your full potential.

Personality and Hygiene

Within the hair and beauty industry, East Asian countries (Thailand, Philippines, etc.) are considered to have higher hygiene standards than those of us from South Asia. However, this perception can be changed if we work a little harder to improve and understand personal hygiene better. This will ensure we offer more value and are a cut above the rest. Parallelly, developing various life skills, interests and hobbies will really bring out your personality more. This will allow you to be more confident, have a positive attitude, and handle stressful situations better. These qualities will not only help you in your career as a hairdresser or beautician but also as a human being as this will open up many opportunities for you. Remember, the rules of immigration change continuously! So please check with a professional migration agent for the most current details on migration to Australia. But the information in this blog stands true always, as we aren’t offering a shortcut to success. Rather, what we’ve said will help you follow a plan, inspire you to work hard, migrate properly, and achieve the dreams you aspire to in life. For further information on skills check


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