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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Meet our IHB director education Joakim Roos, who needs no introduction.

International Celebrity Hairstylist and beauty educator of Swedish origin.

His achievements & awards -

Joakim Roos has worked with some of the top names in the industry and gone on to gain worldwide acclaim. In a career spanning almost three decades so far, he has worked as a hair and beauty trainer with such illustrious names as Pivot Point and OMC (Organization Mondiale Coiffure).

He is currently the training head for Salons across Asia, Europe and is recruited by Internationally renowned brands including Loreal and Schwarzkopf. Also, a 5 time world champion in Hairdressing.

From what inspired him to become a hairdresser and the inspiration that got him to step into the world of teaching. Let’s read on to know how and what factors influenced his journey.

And while you read, let's burst some myths that we usually have regarding hairdressing & its learning.

If you think/ (Do you think) there is anything as “right age” to kick start your career?

Then Read on...

Joakim Roos' mother was a fashion designer, and that's how he was exposed to all this makeup, hairdressing, glamour at an early age. But he was inclined towards hairdressing more than fashion as he says “ Hair is instant gratification and can change personalities, that’s why I picked it”.

He took his first step towards his passion - Hairdressing - at the age of 9. Starting off early gave him a chance to do many different things. And by the age of 15, he already had established a strong clientele base, which gave him a lot of opportunity to experiment and learn.

That is why age is just a number in this profession. And the earlier you start the more experience you gain.

If you think/ (Do you think) a 9 to 5 job role is enough to keep up with your passion?

Then Read on...

Joakim always had the curiosity of wanting more and learning more and that's why just 8 hours at work was not enough for him to fulfill his passion.

That is why, apart from working at the salon, on weekends he did makeup for the people of show productions, theater, etc. which gave him a new perspective and possibilities to experiment thus adding fuel to his curiosity. It also helped him understand the needs of the client and how to deliver that to them.

If you think/ (Do you think) formal education in Hairdressing is not the need of the hour?

Then Read on…

Joakim Roos is all pro and in support of formal education in Hairdressing. He shared with us the time while he took up a formal course for the same.

After 10 years of being a hairstylist, Joakim took up formal education for 3 years to get his license. Formal Hairdressing education gave him a verification, a license of proof that gave him the permission & title of being educated & qualified to carry out his job, to do anything & anywhere without being stopped by anyone. And in fact it opened up more opportunities for him & his career.

His journey doesn't end here, In Fact it begins here….

The Journey of being a Hairdresser to Opening A Hairdressing Academy

So how did it all begin?

Joakim Roos shares that the beginning of his interest in teaching was because of the heartfelt passion of his teacher that made him venture into education. And this is the thought behind Joakim being the founder of IHB Education.

When did this seed first appear?

During his time of getting 3 years of formal education in hairdressing, Joakim found the class & process too slow as he was already well versed with the concepts & techniques and quite ahead in his field. Therefore, it became a problem as he was teaching his teachers the right techniques & often correcting them when they stated any wrong terminology.

A Challenge can change your life?

Regularly pointing out the mistakes of the faculty gave him an opportunity to teach the class. He was challenged by one of his teachers to teach in the same class where he was the student.

The moment he stood up to the class to teach, he realized that this is “pure magic” and that's what he wants to do. And after this there was no looking back for him as he believed that teaching is all about - giving away information.

Can teaching & learning be mesmerizing?

Joakim was already mesmerized by the concept of teaching. After 10 years of work and 3 years of his education, with the immense experience in theater to book production to performance - after understanding & being well versed in what the industry is and what it needs he made a big decision. He now wanted to learn more about teaching and that's why he resigned and enrolled himself for a 3 month teaching course.

Was the change beautiful?

The journey took him to 49+ countries, gave him opportunities to open many schools, and learn local cultures & new things.

And now after so many years in this industry, the one thing he always believes in is - “You have your talent & skills, but to interpret into a different culture, fashion sense is another challenge but a “fascinating one”.

Joakim offers a practical approach to hair and beauty through his unique brand of training. He has been instrumental in setting the globally recognized program of education and training that IHB is renowned for.

Are you ready to take up your fascinating challenge yet?

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