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Questions to ask before choosing a Hair or Beauty course in India.

Updated: Apr 29

For every decision we make in life, the consequence we bear is for a lifetime.

Similarly, the decision for our career will affect our pay, our learning, the 9 hours of our day we spend daily on, our future opportunities, the learning, the growth, and everything in between.

Therefore, our expert faculty (with over four decades of experience) has curated a list of questions. Questions that every student must ask before they enroll themselves for the course & begin a new journey & relationship with the Academy.

Read on to find out the five categories of questions you should ask before you finally say YES.

Before You Say Yes, Ask -

About the Fee

In research, it has been found that the topmost question a person asks is, "How much is it for"? Obviously, money plays an essential role in every decision a person makes. And why shouldn't it? It is hard-earned. Therefore, from matters relating to course fees to discounts offered to finance options. All information is important.

How much is the course fee?

How much is the course fee of other institutions?

Can the payment be made in installments?

Is there any discount offer?

Is there any early bird discount?

Is it on par with the industry pricing? If not, then why?

Does the Academy have any financing tie-ups or loan facilities?

About the Institute & the Course

Getting the learning right is what every student wants. And why not. It's not every day that we take up a course. And once we finalize something somewhere, what we learn is everything that will matter. From questions related to the institute's background to every detail about the course is essential.

How old & renowned is the institute?

Background about the founder, story, inspiration, current mission, future vision, etc.

Is it a diploma or certificate?

What is the course structure?

What is the duration, timing, and batch option available?

Is there any backup class facility?

How is the theory & practical learning balanced?

What topics are covered during the class?

Is any book for reference provided?

How is the classroom environment?

What is the usual batch size?

How are the classes taken?

About the Faculty

It is essential to know about the faculty because whatever you will learn will be from them. So faculty plays the most critical role.

What is the qualification of the faculty, his background?

What kind of experience does he hold in this field?

His past classes/batch review.

His passion & love for the industry as well as teaching?

Is he approachable and student-oriented?

Is there transparency and open communication between the faculty & students?

About Practical Exposure

The beauty industry is more about practical doing rather than theory. Therefore how much practical exposure is provided becomes crucial in learning & becoming the best while you learn.

The time is given to practice on models

The quality of instruments given to practice.

Practice session

Doubt clearing sessions.

About Future Opportunities

The purpose of doing the course is to finally learn & know things about the industry that would help one start work. Your end desire may be anything working at a salon or as a freelancer, or opening a salon. But the main question is, will doing this course help you achieve your desire.

What will happen once I finish this course?

By what means will you help me get a job?

Do you have any tie-ups with salons?

Can I come back to you in the future for help?

How long will it take for me to get a job?

What will I get once I finish the course?

Do I get ample preparation time?

As we mention the questions one needs to know the answer to, we understand that you may not get a tick in all the questions or requirements. But the best way to judge here is to find the things that best fit you. Also, you should look at is the transparency & and whether someone is available to answer all your queries & guide you - not only till the end of the course but also at the beginning of your career. That is where you will find all the worth.

So are you ready with your questions? Cause we are prepared with the answers.

Contact us & book your free session now.

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