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Rupa's Feedback on the Hairstyling Seminar by IHB Global & Calyx Professional: A Fantastic Learning

expert guidance and networking opportunities led by Sean Taaffe

Rupa, a hairstylist from Kohana Beauty Parlour, Bangalore had attended the exclusive global-level international workshops in India held on 9th February 2023.

Here is Rupa's feedback on IHB Global & Calyx Professional's Hairstyling Seminar.

Rupa, a professional hairstylist, recently attended the hairstyling seminar hosted by IHB Global and Calyx Professional. The seminar was led by the renowned international hairstylist, Sean Taaffe. After attending the seminar, Rupa was kind enough to share her feedback about her experience.

Rupa described the seminar as a fantastic learning experience. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from Sean Taaffe, who is well-known for his innovative and creative hairstyling techniques. According to Rupa, Sean Taaffe was an excellent instructor who taught the participants well.

Rupa was particularly impressed by the range of topics covered in the seminar. From basic hairstyling techniques to advanced cutting and styling methods, the seminar covered a wide variety of topics. Rupa felt that the seminar was structured in a way that allowed her to easily understand the concepts and techniques. She appreciated using live demonstrations and hands-on exercises, which helped her apply what she learned immediately.

Moreover, Rupa was thrilled to have the opportunity to network with other hairstylists and industry professionals. The seminar provided a platform for hairstylists to share their experiences and knowledge, which Rupa found valuable.

Rupa had a great experience attending the hairstyling seminar hosted by IHB Global and Calyx Professional. She found it to be a fantastic learning opportunity and was impressed by the quality of instruction provided by Sean Taaffe. She would recommend this seminar to anyone who is passionate about hairstyling and looking to improve their skills.

Infact, she is looking forward to attending more such seminars. A similar learning seminar for hair coloring is what she has suggested us to plan next.

To conclude, Rupas feedback highlights the value and quality of the learning experience provided. The seminar offered a comprehensive range of topics, from basic hairstyling techniques to advanced cutting and styling methods.

Sean Taaffe's expertise and guidance were instrumental in enhancing the participants' knowledge and skills.

The use of live demonstrations and hands-on exercises allowed participants like Rupa to apply what they learned immediately, making the learning experience more effective. Additionally, the networking opportunities provided by the seminar were beneficial for building connections and sharing knowledge with other industry professionals.

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