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Soft skills you must learn to be a great hairdresser in India.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Are you a beauty aspirant ready to take the on the hair industry? Then this is a read for you.

The starting step in this industry is to get yourself theoretical knowledge & a lot of practical experience, which is known as your "hard" skill. Here you acquire the knowledge of the work and abilities specific to your job role, which increases your proficiency in the subject.

But is this enough to become a pro at your work, grow & move up in your career?

No, it just doesn't end here. It is the beginning; consider this as your first step in your testing phase.

Learning & growing requires more than this. One must learn many different skills to prepare themselves and be ready for the industry's needs.

Another skill that must be learned is a soft skill. Why? It helps you do your job better; it facilitates your work. This can be learned in a classroom but primarily developed in the work process. It's like an everyday learning & applying process.

Here is a list of 7 top skills that you must know & learn -

People skill

In today's time, it's all about managing the people, including your clients, peer group, boss, & everyone you interact with while you work. And being a hairdresser or stylist carries the extra need & knowledge of how to interact with people, communicate & build relationships with them. As the whole job involves around being with people & servicing their beauty needs. Being good with people is not an option here but a necessity.

Time management skill

As a hairdresser or stylist, the role demands full-time devotion. The time must be spent interacting with the clients, providing them with the service, sharing product information, offering tips, and building long-term relationships. Remember, it is not limited to just here. In fact, one step ahead, you being active on social media & showcasing your work, networking, learning & updating yourself with new skills & trends regularly. I know it sounds too much, but that is why the art of time management plays an important role here. You must know how to implement the tasks, socialize, learn & grow - all this with proper management of your time.

Communication skills

It's all about interacting with people.

This also includes active listening skills, where you can nicely and patiently listen to your clients what they need. To be tactful, even though you are the experienced person here, sometimes the client wants what they want. Therefore, being a patient listener, an even better speaker & explaining to them your point of view & why it's the best. All this needs you to level up your communication game - to be your best at communicating clearly & confidently.


Problems arising at work are the most common & natural thing. But what is needed is your ability to look at it & be able to solve it. This is quite an essential skill as problems may be due to a client, your colleague at the workspace, or some last moment mishap. These issues are not usually under our control or choices. But how we see them & figure out a solution is definitely in our hands. Finding solutions to problems using creativity, making judgments keeping in mind past experience, or using information and reasoning to deal with an issue. All these needs skills of problem-solving, which comes from learning & practicing. This does not let affect your work & also makes you ready to move up the career ladder.


Everyone wants to climb up the ladder; the opportunity is immense, from working at higher levels at the workspace to being the owner of your own salon or opening a learning academy. All this needs leadership qualities. This is not acquired in a day, but it is polished by acting & performing as a leader regularly. From managing things at work to owning up to responsibilities to being proactive, these are traits of leading & being a leader.

Flexibility, adaptability

Nowadays, in the workspace, there is no defined work role. Every now & then, you have to take up the responsibilities for even things you dint sign up for. Which calls out to be flexible & adaptable as per the situation. Like managing multiple projects at a time, handling clients of different nature, and sometimes giving a helping hand to your fellow peer. Also, the work environment is quite dynamic. Therefore you must be willing to embrace the change & adapt yourself to the situation.

Work ethics & integrity

Who doesn't like an honest, loyal, moral person? These are a few attributes that may not directly help you perform your job, but it does build your future & progress at work. Following the values of the workspace, having strong integrity & having a value system in place. This builds your reputation in your workspace and helps you move up in your career. Trust me, these skills don't go unnoticed & are highly respected & valued these days.

Employers always look out for people who match their values, and the salon's value resonates with them. Employees who are committed to their work, are a people person, know how to communicate with people, and look for solutions rather than fix their head-on problems. Skills like leadership, integrity, and adaptability make the person grow along with the salon.

These are not learned or built in a day but takes everyday practice.

Now & in the future, this is what is being looked out for.

Do you have them, or are you building them?


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