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Streax India and IHB Education Collaborate to Empower Salon Owners in Kolkata


In a remarkable partnership aimed at elevating the standards of the salon industry, Streax India and the Institute of Hairdressers and Beauticians (IHB) joined forces to provide professional qualifications and training to salon owners in Kolkata. The recent workshop conducted under this collaboration witnessed tremendous success, with salon owners completing Unit 2 of the course and expressing their satisfaction with the valuable insights gained. Led by the expert trainer, Joseph Kevin Raj, the workshop proved to be a significant milestone in the journey towards improving the industry from the ground up.

Promoting Professional Qualifications: The collaboration between Streax India and IHB aims to empower salon owners by equipping them with professional qualifications and training. Recognizing the importance of skill development and industry-standard practices, this partnership strives to enhance the knowledge and expertise of salon owners, enabling them to provide exceptional services to their clients. By offering professional qualifications, salon owners gain a competitive edge and a deeper understanding of the latest trends and techniques in the beauty and hairdressing industry.

Expert Trainer Joseph Kevin Raj:

The workshop conducted in Kolkata was led by Joseph Kevin Raj, an experienced and highly skilled trainer in the field of hairdressing. With his wealth of knowledge and passion for education, Joseph delivered engaging and insightful training sessions that captivated the participants. Through practical demonstrations and interactive sessions, he shared his expertise, ensuring that salon owners gained practical skills and a comprehensive understanding of the latest industry practices.

Positive Feedback and Skill Enhancement:

The workshop received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the salon owners who completed Unit 2 of the course. Participants expressed their satisfaction with the in-depth training provided and the invaluable knowledge they acquired. By focusing on Unit 2, which covers advanced techniques and specialized skills, salon owners were able to enhance their expertise and broaden their service offerings. The workshop served as a platform for them to refine their skills, network with industry professionals, and exchange best practices, ultimately raising the overall standards of the salon industry in Kolkata.

Moving Towards Professional Excellence:

The collaboration between Streax India and IHB signifies a significant step towards achieving professional excellence in the salon industry. By providing salon owners with access to accredited courses and industry-standard qualifications, this partnership is instrumental in uplifting the standards of the industry. Streax India's commitment to innovation and IHB's dedication to delivering European-standard education align perfectly to create a transformative learning experience for salon owners, enabling them to excel in their craft and meet the evolving demands of their clients.


The successful workshop conducted by Streax India and IHB in Kolkata, under the guidance of expert trainer Joseph Kevin Raj, marked a significant milestone in the journey towards professionalizing the salon industry. Through professional qualifications and specialized training, salon owners gained the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their profession. The collaboration between Streax India and IHB demonstrates their shared vision of raising the standards of the industry and empowering salon owners to deliver exceptional services. Together, they pave the way for a brighter future for the salon industry in Kolkata and beyond.


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