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Updated: Dec 29, 2021


It's the beginning that's hard right? The first step, filled with so many ifs & buts, so many questions & a blanket of self doubt.

But once you cross this state, surely there's confidence, success, & satisfaction waiting for you at the other end.

And to prove this right to you we have the story of Yogee V Indulkar.

Meet YOGEE, a hairdresser, a salon owner, and the faculty at IHB India, Mumbai.

As interesting her diverse role seems to be, so does her journey, coming from a medical background, to being a hairdresser & being successful and comfortable in her language “Hindi”, she has achieved it all.

Here we have Yogee, who shares her journey with us.

Let's listen to her journey!

From being a medical student to shifting to being a hairdresser.

Truly speaking, Yogee had no interest in hairdressing, fashion & glamour. But things changed when she joined an aromatherapy course that was related to her field.

While doing the course, bit by bit her interest towards this started. The interest towards creativity, to do something new, showcase your talent to people, the option to always come up with new techniques - all these things attracted her towards beauty & glamor and at this point began her passion towards hairdressing.

The inspiration behind the shift.


The endless opportunity one has and one can do with the application of their creativity was what attracted her towards hairdressing & beauty industry.

One can do so much by using their brain & putting their ideas into practice. Like create new sets of techniques, build new ways using your skills, there is no end to the possibility one can do and show in front of people and satisfy them.

The beginning & the challenges.

Yogee had to face a lot of things in the beginning. She was looked down upon by her relatives and family, and used to hear a lot of negative comments regarding her decision of being a hairdresser. Statements like “Hairdressing is not a good thing”, "didn't you get any other work to do”? “What is this work of cutting other people's hair" were things she heard on a regular basis. It was quite a challenge at that time to not let these things demotivate her.

Overcome the challenges and move forward.

The only way to move ahead and follow your passion is to not give up and stick to your goal, Yogee says. By having self confidence and being focused on your work with dedication & determination one can achieve whatever they want to. If she would have focused on the comments of people, she would have not reached where she is now & neither flourished. But she also states that all this has reduced a lot in today's time.

First day at work.

Yogee’s first day at salon was quite bad, as she was a fresher they didn't offer her to do much work and always made her sit idle. This was not the case for just the first day, but it continued for a while.

Even though Yogee had taken a formal education and had complete knowledge about her profession, the seniors there didn't trust her well. Well this might be because of their insecurities, as she knew more than them. They used to come to her to consult with her indirectly about the work and later apply it by self and take the credit.

Even though she had so much knowledge and capability, she was not offered chances to showcase her skill.

First experience with a client.

Yogee recalls her first experience where the client was scared, and there was a lack of trust from her end. The client was worried if Yogee knew how to use the machine well, or if she would spoil her face.

But Yogee could sense the tension and she knew what needed to be done. The key trick she applied here was to make the client feel at ease and convince them, gain her confidence and make her understand that she knows the job well and how it's done. Therefore, with patience and the skill of comforting Yogee eased the client & gained her confidence.

She gives the credit to her skills of convincing, and conversation, building trust, providing proper consultation, listening and building relationships with the client is the key to satisfy the clients.

And after giving her the treatment, the client was quite happy and satisfied with the work. And she left the salon with contentment and the feeling that she had visited the right place for the service.

Current status

Currently Yogee is running her beauty academy - IHB affiliated beauty school. She also conducts beauty & hairdressing class batches yearly thrice. And she has her Salon Yogee that she actively runs.

Actively participates in teaching and working and also conducts bridal makeups. She also runs workshops & seminars regularly all over India.

However scared taking the first step may feel, but after taking that first step, one's journey towards success is guaranteed. Either you fly or you realize that this is not your cup of tea and you change your direction. But either way, you are winning.

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