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What are the different types of hair courses in India?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

There are many different hair courses that are given by different hair schools, academies and institutes in India.

The main types of hair courses are Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma courses.

Some of the Certificate courses are not full Certificate courses, they are short-term classes or courses which will teach one subject usually. Doing these Short-term Certificate courses will not guarantee a job, but the Full Certificate courses will be better for you to get a job.

We have given some of the main hair courses offered in India in the table below.

At IHB, we have different types of hair courses for different levels.

Certificate Courses: Hair Certificate Course & Beauty Certificate Course

Diploma Courses: Hair Diploma Course & Beauty Diploma Course

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*Then you can get more details about the different types of IHB courses.

When you are going to select a hair course, you might see so many different names for hair courses. In India, different hair schools will use different names for the courses. This can be confusing. But don’t worry. Usually, the different names are used for the same courses.

A quick list of different names used in the industry for hair courses in India, along with the IHB logo
Different Names for Similar Hair Courses

Also, there are so many different names used for hair schools. This can be confusing. But don’t worry. The different names are used for the same type of school.

We have given below some of the different names used for hair schools in India.

Hair and Beauty School

Hair School

Hair Academy

Hair Institute

Beauty Institute

Cosmetology Institute

Hair and Makeup School

Hair and Makeup Academy

Beauty Training Institute

Training Academy

*Many times, hair courses will be given by beauty schools and institutes that are offering other areas also, like makeup, nails, etc.

To know the different types of hair courses is not the only important thing before starting a course. There are also different things like course time and average salary to think about when selecting a good hair course. Our complete Hair Course guide will help you with this.

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