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Why IHB Academy is best to learn hairdressing

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

make notes budding hairdressers; this will make your decision-making easy!

Beginnings are always crucial. It's your first step that decides the course of the following action.

No doubt, there are many hairdressing institutes to choose from. But that's where the whole confusion begins.

Which hair course is the best for me?

There's no doubt that every hairdressing school claims to be the best. But what does best mean?

At IHB Academy, our best definition is defined by our students.

We are the best hairdressing course because we offer what is best for you, your learning & career.

To be the best in the career, one must develop a skill set, keeping the 360-degree view of the business in mind.

Being the best in cut style & color is not what a hairdresser has to be good at today. It involves a lot many other things.

A hairdresser has to provide an end-to-end service, from providing the best service and educating the client to cross-selling service. The role of a hairdresser has evolved over the years & has also become challenging.

Therefore, just any random hairdressing course is not the answer.

The course has to be the best, latest, updated & international standard.

We at IHB Academy are proud to say that we are the course that you need & are looking for.

Need reasons & justification? We give you six reasons why IHB Hairdressing Course is the best hairdressing course in Bangalore.

Read on to find out why IHB Academy is the best hairdressing institute for you.

To build a world-class course structure for aspiring hairstylists. Our diploma course is an advanced program.

IHB Academy diploma hair course is a specialized program designed to master not only the basics but get deep knowledge & information.

From learning the cut, style & color to building a relationship with the clients & how to upgrade the service & communicate with the clients.

The following mentioned are the four pillars of the course.

  • Unique experience - We give you the best teaching and practical experience so you will be better than all the other students in the market.

  • Globally acclaimed - IHB courses are accepted internationally, including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and the USA.

  • Global set standards - Our courses are designed according to International standards so you are learning the best way.

  • Innovative learning - As hairdressing is always improving we are always up with the latest trends.

Let's get into the details of how we incorporate them into our diploma course.


Firstly, the focus is on getting the basics right.

Understanding the fundamental concepts.

Getting well-versed with hair terminologies.

Learn the basic techniques in theory.

Incorporate complete theoretical knowledge.

Learn in detail about hair science.

Develop a skillset to understand & learn about different types of hair.

Provided with classroom material - a book for learning that serves as a guide throughout the career.


Train the students to use the styling tools.

Learn the techniques to perform various hair services.

Hands-on practice on dummies to perfect the style.

Work & practice on real models to experience real situations.

Incorporate essential skills required to perform the service.

Polish your skills from holding the tools to using them.

Learn about tool maintenance.

Use of alternatives during times of emergency.

Use of substitutes in situations of unavailability of a tool.

From basics of shampooing to advanced treatment skills, learn to perform all services.

Provided with the latest Kit & tools for practice.


Meet & connect with world-class people from the same industry.

Have a one-on-one conversation with world-class trainers.

Build confidence by getting special tips, assistance & help from the experts.

Learning & knowing the inside details of the hair industry from their stories.

Learn from their stories, challenges & experience.

Get career guidance from the experts.

Clear doubts related to your career & the future.

Get answers to questions about the profession.

Learn from their shared experience.

See the hairdressing world from their experiences.

Build networks.


Provide the proper consultation & suggestions.

Polish your communication skills.

Learn to build relationships with clients.


Learn in detail about the product details.

Get well-versed about the product ingredients, brands, etc.

Retail tactics to sell products.

Cross-selling services & products.

How to upsell services to the clients

Learn to communicate about other services to customers.


Learn the importance of self-grooming

Care & style of self

Maintaining hygiene while providing service to the customers.

Learn how one can deliver the best service.

Incorporate principles of dedication at work.

Deliver the best experience to clients.

A diploma degree with a lot of learning, experience & contact with professionals.

Now, this is what we call the Best choice for Hairdressing Learning.

Come learn with us at IHB Academy, Bangalore.


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