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Why should you attend a free Hairdressing class?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Want to become a hairstylist but confused about making the final decision?

Then, you must sign up for a free Hairdressing class.

You must be thinking about how attending one free class or a workshop can help you take your decision

How does it help you solve your confusion?

And if you ask how will this help you make your final decision, let me give you 5 reasons.

Removes the confusion.

Attending a free class gives you a chance to witness & experience in "live" what hairdressing is all about. This helps remove all the doubts & confusion you have about hairdressing. Being at home just searching online doesn't always remove all the confusion. Infact, the best deal is to attend a class & talk & discuss the confusion, & see it yourself. In an experience class you understand & see if this is what you want, are you enjoying it, or not. A workshop day gives you an idea about if it's your liking or not. Either it will make you sure that you want to enter or you don't want to, either way, it removes your confusion & helps you make a decision.

Exposure to the real environment.

A free class or workshop on hairdressing be it a hairstyle class or haircuts or color will give you a real-time experience of the work that is to be done in this profession, thus giving you a real-time experience of how a workplace of a hairdresser looks like. It gives you a bigger picture of things, people, situations, etc. involved in this profession. Thus giving you an idea of what being a hairdresser invites with itself. The exposure to how things run, what's the role as a hairdresser you have to play, etc. You see the real environment - the good & the bad. Thus this removes the surprise & shock element of not knowing things & not being aware of the real things related to the profession.

Try before the investment.

Suppose you pay the money & start with your course, & then the mid way you feel you don't enjoy it or don't like it. But now there is no other option, right? Because you have already made the payment, there is no going back or refund.

Here when you attend a free class, it at least gives you knowledge about the work without having to invest your money or make an investment. This saves your money. Without blocking a huge amount, you get to understand more about the profession. It is just like a try before you buy scheme.

Savings - time, money, energy.

A free class saves you money for sure, and also so much of your time & energy. Without 100 percent of your investment in the course, it helps you make a decision. Therefore, saving your energy from enrolling in an institute, and saving your time from making any wrong decision. Where otherwise you would have invested so much of your time & energy into getting into a course, learning, etc., and then realizing it wasn't for you. Therefore, this is a better option to invest your time & energy in.

Meeting like-minded people.

You want to become a hairdresser but where do you get the inside details of the industry? Like everything about the job. Yes, Google helps. But the inside details, even Google can't give. Therefore, these free classes give you a chance to meet people who are just like you, who share your same interests & have the same doubts as you. Connecting with these people will give you more knowledge about this field & help you connect with people. Trust me connections help in the long-run journey. These classes are an opportunity to meet different people who are on the same ship as you.

Fear of Judgement.

We all have our biggest fear of being judged. What will this person think about me, will I look stupid asking this question, etc. the list is endless. Attending a trial class gives you an opportunity to meet the experts & clarify your doubts. You are in the room with others who are just like you, starting their journey, filled with similar doubts & questions. Therefore, the judgment is not there, Here you are a bit more confident & not judged.

All the details.

Attending a free class gives you all the details related to the job, its work, & more. When you attend a class, you realize what skills that needed to perform the job, what a hairdresser's day looks like, what tools you have to work with on daily basis, etc. Seeing & knowing this allows you to think over it & match it up with your skills & personality. Thus giving you the idea about your plus points, your strengths & benefits. It also gives you the idea of your weakness so that you can prep for that. You receive the inside details that no book or online read can provide you with.

Planning to attend a Trial Class,


Have No Idea About It?

Don't worry, this will help you.

WHAT - Attend any free session of Hairdressing learning - be it a Hairstyle Workshop, hair coloring, hair treatments, haircut, etc.

FOR WHOM - For students & beginners - who want to become a hairstylist but are not so sure to make the decision. Looking to experience a real class without investing huge money.

WHY - This workshop will help you understand in detail what a hairdresser does. It's free, so before investing in your beauty course, which costs thousands & Lakhs of Rupees, these sessions help you experience what a stylist's work day looks like.

WHERE - Any offline course at a salon or beauty academy or any online class – at a beauty academy.

WHEN - Make sure to attend a free class before you make your final decision.

WITH - Look for the class being taken by a professional, someone who holds years of experience in this field, because they will be able to solve your queries better.

BENEFITS -It is just like try now, buy later.

So before you invest, it's the right opportunity for you to try out learning hairstyles to see if you enjoy this & do you want to become a hairstylist.

With the growing trend in hairdressing & Hairstylist, we all know there is immense scope & growth in the career of a Hairstylist.

Talk about income, clients, opportunities - the number is growing & increasing.

So if you are confused about being a Hairdresser. Whether you want to be a hairstylist, or not. Signing up for a free Hairstyle class is your best option.

Infact it's a must to do to be a hairdresser.

Be it a workshop or a trial class or online webinars - that is okay, if you have an opportunity, then you must attend the class. Yes, an offline class is anytime better than an online class as it gives you an experience in real-time, to use the instruments, etc. but an offline class is also a good option.

Remember, now is the best time to join the beauty industry.

Has this blog motivated you to enroll in a free hairstyle class?

We at IHB Academy, Brigade Road, Bangalore have something for you.


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